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Hi guys my name is Pete and I'm one of the manga supports I'm the action guy but I'm excited to have fun in the community so I'm going to tell you what I use to read manga before we get in to the manga I'll tell a bit about me I'm a huge anime/manga fan my first manga was by the sword it one about a monster hunter in Japan (to bad there's 2 of 3 out in America) but it's really good if you have the chance to read it my favorite manga is boku no hero academia and I'm also really big in my church
I use zingbox it's a app that connects to most of the websites like kissmanga or mangapark so I'm going to show you somethings about it
here you have a huge selection to chose from and when you click it
now you got a huge list of manga to chose from such as attack on titan or my favorite boku no hero academia
and that's what I use oh and also if you use this make sure you turn off the flying text bubbles they can get annoying
but that's a little about me and what I use to read manga really excited to have fun with you guys and the other supports mod: @creeTheOtaku horror: @AshCrimson harem: @BlackoutZJ ecchi: @KillerJuggalo3 comedy: @AloraGrimm this is are awesome team