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As rumors of disbandment and Minzy looking for a new company.Its finally confirm that Minzy will no longer be part of 2ne1 and 2ne1's comeback over the summmer. YG Entertainment said, “We first would like to apologize for delivering such unfortunate news to all of our patient fans that have been waiting for a long time. We would like to officially announce that 2NE1’s maknae Minzy will no longer be part of the group. With May 5th, 2016 marking the date for each 2NE1 members to renew their contracts, YG tried to convince each member through individual meetings since January in hopes of contract renewals. However, Minzy did not wish to continue in the group 2NE1. The other three members will renew their contract and will release a new song upcoming summer but as of now, we are not looking to add any members in place of Minzy.”
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No... 😭😭💔💔 As much as this breaks my heart .. I really hope the best for her.
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@PolarStarr I'm so happy for her but she was such a big part of 2ne1 it makes me soooo heartbroken
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Same for me, but im sure the rest of the girls are gonna slay this comeback ! 😀
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