3 years ago500+ Views Part 1 above part 2 above how could I ever give up the once in a lifetime chance to live with bts!! okay think clear (y/n) you got this. this is jimin who's talking to you. "uhm yes I'll love to live with Bts. " I sounded so calm and looked at him. he looked at me and blushed. woah Woah Woah do I have something on my face?! "sorry I know we just met.... but your uhm...really pretty... " I'm sorry did park jimin seriously just call me pretty?? out if everyone the guy who's so hot such a freaking wrecker just called me pretty?! I smiled, "thank you jimin I'll get packed. " he smiled and waved goodbye walking away. I shut the door and start panting. I mean this can't be happening, I read fan fics of this happening or I don't know something else but it's literally happening right now and to me of all people! I can't question anymore I just got to pack. I started packing all my clothes and things. after a whole day of packing I laid down on the floor and passed out. I woke extremely tired but in a comfy cozy bed. I sat up and stretch. where am I actually? I look around to see I'm in a big room with my stuff already unpacked and put away and everything looks neat. I hear a knock at my door. "c-come in." namjoon walked in and sat at a chair. "don't be nervous or scared. your in your room in the place where Bts actually lives. I'm pretty sure you know who I am and what I am." of course I did Bts is number one to me. "of course. your Kim namjoon and your the leader of Bts. " he smiled big. god those dimples were even cuter up close! he stands up and gives me a small box with a ribbon on it. "here it's a welcome home gift to our new member (y/n)." I blushed and opened the box. it had a bracelet that said "Bts Girl (y/n)" I loved it so much! how could I not when Bts now considers me their girl! dream come true!! "I'll leave you alone for now but warning don't be surprised if hoeseok comes in and tries to be a ray of sunshine for you. oh and the man with no jams came to your house and grabbed you and the alien and kookie grabbed your stuff. the princess is making breakfast right now so come down when your ready he would love to meet you." he leaves and I shut the door behind him. oh yeah this is definitely a dream come true. guess what everyone I'm living with Bts! part 4 of one in a million soon and part 8 of jin's love today! I'm excited! tagging! tell me if you want to be tagged or removed @nnatalieg @taehyungkey @ninjamidori @cutebabylay @sarahdawish @sarahvandorn @sugalessjams @reyestiny93 @maelyn @thepinkprincess @jessicacosta90 @kagamine381 @moonchild03 @bibes19 @passthesuga @jaiipanda @pretieeemm @serenitythao @superjuniorelf @bridgetjara @nykeaking @niahritaylor @keniaaxox @ewillsea @momochamie @jessicavang @msloyalheart @taehyungv @twistedpuppy @sindyhernandez @VIPFreak2nE1 @Tiffanyhall @BBxGD @kpopandkimichi