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My Life With BTS screenshot results.
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Tae is the one I grew up with....hmm best friend maybe???
Jimin hates me????
idk why but I find this parents disapprove of Namjoon? why?
Oh I get it...Jin is who they want me to marry....if I think music wise he's cleaner than Namjoon is lol.
Yup since we've been together since we were young that makes sense.
Yes I dated kookie.... but...
Suga broke my
somewhere along the way I married love...but....
I have kids with I guess I got pregnant whole we were dating and Tae was ok with it not being his child.
but I grow old with Jimin....the one who hates me? does this mean tae died and I'm just stuck with Jimin?
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haha at least you got to date kookie. 😉
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hahaha! you got stuck with Jimin.....
a year ago·Reply
wow I love the explanations
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@LemonLassie right date him. and kids.... @JayDaeKang why does he have to hate me?!?!?!? lol
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