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Believe it or not, it's there.

Segregation that is, but you wouldn't expect it to be lingering between the aisles and sitting upon the shelves of your favorite drugstores. It happens though and it happens quite frequently. Black hair care companies have made a name for themselves over the years and according to a 2013 Nielsen report, 'African American's hold a buying power of $1 trillion.' That's a pretty big deal, just incase you were wondering. Which means that when it comes to hair care and products, African American's are majority rules.
While the money is coming in like clockwork, a lot of people have taken notice to the fact that black hair care products are usually secluded when it comes to the location of other hair products.
Many have noticed, but no one has spoken up -- until now. Shea Moisture noticed this happening with their products in particular. Natural hair blogger, MahoganyCurls said, "The way most beauty aisles are set up, you have the main beauty aisle, and then a teeny, tiny area around the corner — on the other side." An overall lack of diversity moved the company to create a video that brings together women in the natural hair community in hopes of addressing the topic at hand.
The video talks about breaking the walls and the ultimate goal is for all women to feel equal when they walk up and down the hair care aisle in a store. CEO of Sundial Brands spoke out on the video saying, "'Breaking Down the Walls' is about making beauty accessible to all. [It's about] access to products that actually work for every hair texture and that are focused on our communities that are traditionally underserved." We have a ways to go, but this video is a step in the right direction. To check out the video, keep scrolling.

Do you notice the African American hair products secluded within stores?

I'll admit I see it all the time. What do you think about this?
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that's so true!!! there's so much competition. not knowing who to buy from, you end up buying from everyone and quickly become a product junkie. that's how it always is though. I always end up being indecisive and leave empty handed @EasternShell
All the time. It's always in a corner somewhere and sometimes even have dust on it.
Haha the dust though, so accurate man! @LAVONYORK
Every store I've been in its like that. I never understood that even though it helps because other times tgey are scattered
in a way it does help, but I def feel like they need to start putting all products together!!! @primodiva93