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Hello Nakama!

It's day four of the Nakama Campfire Challenge! Today's Challenge is an older anime you like.

So what anime am I going to choose? Drumroll please....

Dragon Ball Z!

What a shock!!

I know it's pretty obvious of me to pick this but I am the Dragon Ball Moderator I can't just abandon my own anime. Even if I wasn't the DB Mod I would still have chosen this because it's simply my favorite. I talked to death as to why so I won't go into any great detail but I will say this show really got me hooked into anime and I thanking for that!
What older anime do you really enjoy? Make your own card and let us know and don't forget to tag @InVinsybll Keep up on all the NC challenges: check out the original card here! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
@SonTyler definitely know that feel
@InVinsybll yeah buddy. I owe DBZ for being the spark in my anime life.
lol I definitely should've seen this one coming. but you can't fight the king of the old series. DBZ is such a central point for so many people in their anime watching careers.