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I always embraced my shortness.

I only dreamed of someday marrying a tall man I would have to get on my tippy toes to kiss, a dream deferred. While being short has it's perks, like everything else -- it also has it's downsides, especially when it comes to clothing. You have to pay very close attention to what you ear and how you wear it because it could easily make you appear shorter than what you actually are.
If you happen to be a shorty and want to add some faux height to your look without actually doing much of anything, keep scrolling and check out the style tips below that will flatter anyone under 5'5.

Show Some Ankle

And people wonder why I stay with a pair of boyfriend jeans, not only are they comfortable -- but they add a little bit of height if rolled up at the ankle.

Monochromatic Looks Always Win

Stay within the same color family to create the illusion of longer lines and length on your body.

A Slight Heel Or Platform Is A Must

A little bit of height and definition makes all the difference.

Stay Away From Long Shirts And Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Long tops take up a lot of leg space making you appear shorter than you already happen to be. Tucking in your shirt shows off your waist in hopes of creating more length.

How tall are you?

Have you followed any of these rules in the past?
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@MyAffairWith @jordanhamilton I love maxi dresses and skirts, too. I found a site that has tons of maxi dresses for cheap! I'm actually considering ordering one for the wedding I'm going to. They have all kinds of other stuff, too, and they're always doing sales! Check it out:
2 years agoReply
Thanks for the recommendation! Keep me posted if you get one for the wedding @TurtleyTurtles
2 years agoReply
I will! @jordanhamilton I'm going thrift shopping with the bride-to-be this weekend, and I'll decide afterwards! I know I'm getting one of these cover ups: They're so cute! I'm having a hard time deciding which one!
2 years agoReply
yes! thrifting is always great! I love the white cover up. it's beautiful @TurtleyTurtles
2 years agoReply
@TurtleyTurtles I sure will check the site out. I wear dresses and skirts ALOT so I feel like I can never have enough of them. 馃榿馃槀鈽猴笍
2 years agoReply