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Possible spoilers!!!❌❌❗️❗️last card is pg13 rated!! Nothing major just a warning NAKAMA!! This Tuesday is dedicated to the amazing owner of the OP Op fruit!! Trafalgar D Law!! Heart pirates, maybe future Straw Hat crew?? Haha. He is such a mysterious character with his demeanor but has a big heart and truly does care and put his trust in Luffy many times over! His powers are insane and awesome "room, shambles" such an awesome power to see him use. The. Finding out his other abilities. Not only that but he even brings Luffy from the brink of death!! A truly trustworthy NAKAMA! As Luffy says Tra-guy!! Haha Respects and love for you Tra-guy!! Anime is life!! One Piece is Love!!
Trafalgar Law is the sexiest man in anime, I swear. These fairy tail people will never know <3
pic 4 I have a poster of it 😍😍😍
kyaaaa~! my fav in one piece....then zoro💚
that eyeliner in pic 2