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{NC}Anime Fashion!
Heyoooo! KawaiiPorpoise here to make another Nakama Campfire Challenge ^-^ Today's chalenge: what anime character has the best fashion that you wanna copy BTW, the gif above has nothing to do with it, I just love this part So, the character's fashion style I love is...
Maka Albarn - Soul Eater I know it's just a school uniform, but it's so cute! Plus, those shoes tho~ Idk, I just like her style and she's sooooo cute! She's my other waifu lmao
awesome! I really dig maka's style, because even if it's a school uniform, she's basically the only person who wears it anyway, and the combination with her jacket is great.
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plus, her black blood dress in the manga is amazing too
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shoot tru bout the shoes but my fav is revi from black lagoon even though nobodyll ever see me in that type of clothing for a billion lots of money
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