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I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.

I always think about the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland when I know that I'm going to be late for something, which is rare. When it comes to myself, I take pride in being on time. I rather be an hour earlier than an hour late.
There's something extremely terrifying to me about arriving somewhere late and having all eyes on you. It's not the best feeling. Someone please tell me I'm not alone on that one. I'll admit, I hit the snooze time at least twice before I get a clue in the morning -- but once I'm up, I'm up and ready to take on the day.
We've all had that inkling before that warns us we may have left something plugged in or left the stove on, only to find out that it was nothing once we walk all the way back. Better safe than sorry though, right?
If you're prone to oversleeping or simply being late for whatever the reason may be then you will probably agree that the video below is extremely accurate. Honestly, I think everyone can relate to at least one thing in the video. Well, enough talking. Keep scrolling and check it out for your self.

How accurate was this video?

Can you relate? When was the last time you overslept?
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I agree! I think it has something to do with age and becoming so immune to it after awhile, maybe @Brettzky
I have insomnia ....soooooooo yeah,
definitely understandable. I'm a recovering insomniac myself @VixilCastillo
I used to get bad insomnia when I was younger. I really had to work on not worrying about everything. Bad anxiety.
That makes two of us! I was the same way three years ago! @Brettzky