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They came, ... bringing the spices, which they had prepared. They supposed that His body still lay in the tomb, and they wished to honor it. It was a beautiful sentiment which sought thus to show love’s tender regard for the departed. It was fitting to pile fragrant spices in the tomb, to fill the place with their sweet odors. In like manner, friends lay in our own time. Sometimes, it is true, this manner of honouring the dead runs to excess. Yet the custom is too beautiful to be lost. Let us make them only fit expressions of regard and affection. Then let us not forget to put flowers upon the pathways of our friends while they live. It is a poor affection that allows hearts to starve for want of kindness through the years, and then send flowers to be laid on the coffin. It is pleasant to remember that Mary broke her alabaster box to anoint Him beforehand for His burying.