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Saint Seyia or Knights of the Zodiac is an old anime that originated in japan in 1986 and is still going! The core original story ended in December 1990. As the story follows that these "Saints" use armor called cloth that give them the power of the universe and tbe cosmos. Their are Bronze cloth, Silver cloth, and the God like Gold Cloth. They defend the world and the godess Athena. My dad watched this anime as a kid and this anime got me into the whole craze on this awesome journey
2nd place comes Mazenger Z! This is a mecha anime that originated in japan in 1972-1973. This anime stated the whole robotic craze that inspired Gundam, Voltron, and other mecha anime.
Lets embrace in this old school anime that has inspired anime till this day. Tagging @BlackOutZJ @invinsybll @hikaymm
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awesome dude! Saint Seiya is a perfect pick for an oldie!
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@InVinsybll dude its really god. My dad saw it as a kid. We watch these shows every Saturday. He has them on old CD's and Those tapes.
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@AshChrimson that's awesome man. I wish my folks knew anime stuff, but alas, they don't know a thing lol
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@InVinsybll hahaha well you got friends馃槃 so dont worry bout it man. We are all family here haha
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