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A while back I promised @MyAffairWith that I'd do a better expose on one of my favorite foundations....my Tarte Amazonian Clay Full coverage foundation!
Previously, I reviewed the ever-so-popular It Cosmetics CC Cream (spoiler: I don't love it) so I thought it'd be good to talk about what I DO love! And remember, you can always find more reviews & whats in my makeup bag in this collection!

The Before & The After!

The full size images are there if you swipe ;)
Once again I feel like this is so hard to really see, haha, but doesn't this just SEEM like it covers well? This is a full coverage foundation, and while I don't need heavy coverage, it does a great job hiding my redness and most flaws on my skin. It doesn't cover my sun spot, but that needs color correcting to hide :)

Here's a look where I was wearing this foundation.

(Actually, I took all these pics the same day, haha! More on this look over here~)

And now on to the pros & cons:

- medium to full coverage without having to apply a lot
- very easy to blend!!! never have to deal with lines
- if I start to feel oily at all, it doesn' thappen till 5 or 6 pm and only in small areas where my skin is particularly troublesome
- comes in a TON of colors -- I use Fairly Light Beige but I think in the summer I could go up 1 or two
- oil free
- feels soooo silky once applied!
- lasts all day with or without setting powder
- works well with my cream concealers - no problems blending either product no matter which order I wear them in
- slightly covers my dark circles, so if they're not too bad, I don't need to do any extra concealing work!
- a tiny bit dewy, but not TOO dewy
- still feels "moist" to me even after blended in - I use a buffer brush from Real Techniques to apply, but I don't feel that it's "done" until I set with a dry powder. After that though my skin feels moisturized & AMAZING
- from a brand that is owned by a not cruelty free company (Tarte itself IS cruelty free, but their larger company is not which is meh for me sadly!! but I got this product anyways because I loved it so much, and hope that by supporting Tarte their main company will get the message ^^)
- expensive :( BUT actually a lot for what you're getting!!!
- while it feels moist, it does cling to eye wrinkles & dry skin a bit --- I didn't previously moisturize my face daily but I do now to prevent any issues. probably better for my skin anyways!

As you can see...

My cons aren't really cons. I just love this foundation so much! Every single time I've applied I've thought about how great it is, and that's not easy to find! Will definitely repurchase, possibly in another color for summer if I get tan at all!!

Anybody else LOVE this product?!

Did you have to set the foundation after applying it? The coverage looks very matte in a good way! when I was in college I would use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer but I need to set it with a translucent powder to get this type of finish.
Tarte makes really good products that last a long time! Plus it really helps with acne prone skin and kind of makes your skin more healthy when you wear it. I used to wear this really heavy MAC pro longwear foundation and it just clogged up my pores. Then after like, figuring out that i didn't need to cake stuff on my skin got healther and better. I've always wanted to try this foundation. It looks great on you!
@MyAffairWith I actually only use a primer - philosophy's the present primer! it sets for 2 mins then I apply a thin layer of this! then set with just a basic powder that matches my skin too. if I do use concealer I use thebalms time balm concealer for things on my face after the foundation usually!! and then just blend before setting! thts my current routine :)
@TessStevens now that is some good information to know about tarte. I will definitely have to look into this even more now since I do have acne prone skin.
Awesome!!! Thank you for doing the review!!I'm falling in love with this foundation the more I hear about it. I love the coverage it provides. If you don't mind me asking, what else do you use as far as the base makeup goes minus eye look and concealer? Do you use color correctors, concealer and setting powder? I'm just wondering what is your process.
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