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I'm probably late to the game on this one, but I NEVER take selfies, (for a million and one reasons). This morning, however, after a night of terrors, such as spiders in my dreams and waking to shake off the covers, I decided there couldn't be a better day to take a selfie than today. *rolls eyes*
I'm calling this "i just woke selfie challenge."
You've all seen me when I'm more put together, but you've never seen me seconds after I woke.

Aint I a gem?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Anyhow, Would you dare to take a selfie, seconds after waking, and have the audacity to share it here on Vingle?!
Also, what's your morning routine?
Mine: pop some supplements, check my calendar, text my boss (if I'm moving in slow-motion), eat, then get ready. Oh, and bug my friends via text! hahahaha
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Well, @petname83 He just did! hahaha did you see it?!
@marshalledgar indeed I did. its on now
Damn it! Another beautiful person! Dude, you look like an God. I'm going to take an afternoon nap lol
Your pick is better then what my would be lol. I am definitely not confident enough to take a selfie as soon as I wake in the morning and put it on Vingle. Kudos to you @marshalledgar!
Hahahahaha thanks @lavonyork and @sarahregulski it's not that I am confident or that I even find myself even attractive in this pic. haha its actually a way to own my haggard look. if I try to be hot in a selfie later in the day, im afraid im gonna look broke. hahahahaa so, if im gonna look broke, at least I have an excuse: I just woke 15 seconds ago. hahahaha