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Fandom hugs anyone? I need them. I've been a BJ since 2010. I adore Minji so much due to the fact that she's at my age yet she's so inspiring with her talents. I'd watched 2NE1TV back then. Recently I was so happy that Bom finally appears in public. But then today-- I was totally heartbroken. I can't imagine 2ne1 without Minji. I need more times to accept this. To tell you the truth the news of her leaving 2ne1 is way more hurting than the news of Kai dating Krystal (I'm cool abt them dating now, just a bit bitter because I wasn't expecting the news)
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@kat121 me too. I wish her new agency will treat her better than YG. Perhaps more activities for her in the future.. (:
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My heart hurts...
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@MattK95 you're not the only one. *hugs* I can't believe MAMA2015 was the last stage of 2ne1 as four. 😢
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BJ forever and always
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@xroyalreisx yes Black Jacks forever!!!
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