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Challenge #3 Who do I think is the most fashionable anime character? Well to be honest I'm the worst one to come to for fashion advice. If it fits I'll wear it and if it doesn't, I'll make it fit!
So for this one I decided to chose Nene Nanakorobi from Koukaku No Pandora. She paired along with Clarion (Clarin as Nene like to say) have a wide variety of outfits that give Nene special powers so to say. And it is some what perverted on how the acomplish that! (as seen in above photos) but I don't mind it! Not one bit!!:)
Sorry this card isn't mor detailed, like I said I don't have much experience in fashion and since I had surgery I tried to just rush this card. Hope you enjoyed anyway. @hikaymm @InVinsybll @AshChrimson
I've personally never seen this anime but I dig her style in those pictures! dope card.
@InVinsybll I liked it quite alot, made me laugh! It just ended, you should give it a watch