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It's Hyukday (aka Tuesday)!

Hey ya'll! It's VIXXEN Unnie again with some cutie pie, evil maknae, turned Man-Hyuk appreciation!

All of us St☆rlights are aware of how cute this man child can be. Here's some examples.

But somehow we manage to be buried deep in denial that he is a man... a very attractive, dare I say sexy man.. I bring examples, yet again.

Even Binnie doesn't want Hyuk to be grown

Shed your tears, St☆rlights, because he's not going to get any younger. He's grown into a fine specimen of evil maknae man.

Here is Hyuk-ina to tell you it's ok.

That's all I can do right now... My feels.. oh my feels.

Please share your favorite pictures and videos of our naughty maknae and be sure to tag the VIXXENS when you do!

Let us know if you want to be added or removed from this tag list!

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@MandyNoona does it really? I was confusing myself as I was writing it...
2 years ago·Reply
lol well maybe I'm just odd @TesneemElAlami because I understood it. That man can only be described by his name, and he needs to swerve. haha
2 years ago·Reply
@MandyNoona lol I agree!!
2 years ago·Reply
I am still in denial. He is still fetus... slightly less of a fetus than Kookie, but still a fetus.
2 years ago·Reply
He is in between Boy and Man... as he still got that Maknae cuteness!!
2 years ago·Reply