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The company has been testing comic book sales since January.

I don't actually live near a Walmart, but goodness knows the company is here to stay. Their prices are undeniably low, and in a lot of areas they're the only option. And now Walmart is testing a partnership with Marvel and Viz to set up a graphic novel section in some of their stores (via). Can you imagine getting your manga fix there? Rushing in on new comic book day?
I would say yes but I can only imagine the damage the manga would take being in a Wal-Mart and I like my manga to be in near perfect condition. And by near perfect I mean it's ok if I can tell someone's read the book before cause the bindings relaxed but anything else wrong and I'll pay extra for a new one lol
OK, I'm listening to some celldweller and he's dancing perfectly to it. i want to laugh but can't.
I would be a loyal Wal-Mart customer
I hate Walmart though 馃槀 but I don't mind I get my manga from barnes and noble and try to stay away from Walmart 馃槤
@primodiva93 for sure, there's not one near me but I feel like people who might not get to read comics as much would be really grateful! @comilikoh lol maybe it's not a bad place to work? @ssjleek you're the expert XD
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