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Zakku is an 18 year old Lieutenant of the Militia Marine and self-proclaimed Strongest Super Soldier in the Militia. He is the lone survivor of his village after it was attacked by a Stage 4 Falcon Gastrea invaded by air and a pack of Wolf-like Gastrea took the lives of His parents, He tried to protect His little brother, but his brother was killed in front of his very eyes. Overwhelmed by rage and sadness, Little Zakku tried to fight back but it came at a heavy price, He lost his Right Arm, Left Leg, Half of his Right leg and lost his Right Eye. He was rescued by a Commanding Officer, who was surprised to see He was still fighting for his life, so much so in fact they rushed Him quickly to a Top Secret Experimental Medical Facility where He was soon outfitted with a New Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, and a Cybernetic Eye, by a Genius Doctor by the name of Kyoko Murusame. After Zakku miraculously Recovered from his Near Death encounter at age 5, The Commander adopted Him later as his own son. He returned to school at age 6, where he met his Best friend Chitoge Kirisaki. Zakku and Chitoge quickly became inseparable and Zakku made her a promise to get stronger and protect her even if it costs him his own life. At Age 8 Zakku began Training in martial arts and was enrolled by his adoptive father (The Commander, Now the Admiral) in a Experimental Varanium Warrior Training facility three years later at age 11, where he survived in even the harshest conditions and even fought to defeat even the hardest Captured Stage 4 Gastrea while all the rest of his comrades were destroyed. At Age 14 he became the youngest Chief Petty Officer in the Militia Marine's and was still in junior high. By the time Zakku was 16 and a first year in High School, He was being recruited for the Militia Marine's most dangerous extraction missions. Zakku quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Junior grade due to his High intellect and combat experience. Tragedy Struck him once again when he was 17 while on a mission with his father, the Admiral and his platoon was ambushed and slaughtered by a swarm of Stage 3 Jumping Spider Gastrea, when the news reached to Zakku, and after the death of his Adoptive Father, Zakku who was overwhelmed with sadness and depression with the loss ran off after his father's funeral, Chitoge who was present at the funeral ran after him and caught up with him standing at the edge of a cliff on his knees crying, She went over and hugged him and reassured him that He still hasn't broken his promise to her, after that Zakku started to see her in another light, He began to see her as more than a best friend. Zakku stood up on the cliff with a clenched fist and vowed that He will never lose anymore of his comrades and he will protect His precious childhood friend from anything that got in his way and he will protect the innocent. At Age 18, Zakku did just that, He saved a little girl named Enju Aihara (Who would Later on become his daughter) from Two Stage 2 Bull Gastrea, He was seriously injured during the process, and in the ICU Dr Murusame and other fellow surgeons witnessed an amazing feat where Zakku's Organs, Bones and Muscles were repairing themselves. Later that night three Beautiful Mages (Levi, Liese, and Lilith) appeared around Him while he was still in a Comatose state, and They proclaimed him to be the next Great Magic King to rule the world or destroy it, and it's only a matter of time until the dormant power of Zakku will awaken thus changing the world of Magic Forever!
Zakku's Appearance: Zakku is a Tall, slender and very toned young man. He has Crimson hair with white and silver tips and Red eyes. He wears a white suit with a red stripe running down the right side, a red tie, and the insignia of the Militia Marine on the left shoulder of his Blazer, and White Boots.
Zakku's Personality: When Zakku is with Enju He's a gentle, soft spoken man, and he's quite an obsessive father when Enju has done something really silly and adorable. Enju has him wrapped around her finger. When he is with Chitoge, He is a genuine gentleman towards her, and sometimes he can be an a smitten idiot when there is an awkward moment between them too. In Battle, Zakku he goes from His gentle soft spoken nature, to a fearless,brash, arrogant, cold, calculated, Reckless killing machine.
Weapons and Abilities Red Varanium Arm and Legs: Lightweight Artificial limbs forged from the strongest metal in the on the planet. It is Bullet Proof and it packs enough power to take down a Stage 4 Gastrea on its own without the use of a firearm. Makes Zakku's Fighting style even deadlier. Cybernetic Right Eye: This Eye can is able to scan the Size of Gastrea and able detect any oncoming attack in Zakku's peripheral vision. It can also infrared Scan for survivors of Gastrea attacks. Varanium Knife: A K-Bar knife Zakku uses in close quarters combat and gouging out the eyes of smaller Gastrea. Black Varanium Automatic Shotgun: Armed with Black Q Bullets, mostly used for Swarm Control. A 12 round .50 Cal AE Desert Eagle: Zakku's Trusty Custom made 12 round Varanium Pistol. Zakku's main Weapon he goes to when he's faced with an oncoming Ambush attack from a Stage 1 Gastrea. Highly Intelligent: Zakku's Has an IQ well over 250. He is a very Cunning and Calculated strategist. Outstanding Martial Artist: Zakku is a Master of Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Sambo, Hapkīdo, Judo and Kendo Superhuman Reflexes: Due to Zakku's experience in Battle His Reflexes over time have grown so rapidly He can draw his pistol and fire a shot faster than the blink of an eye. Enhanced Strength and Durability: With the addition of Varanium Limbs Zakku Has the Strength to Stop a Stage 4 Rhino Gastrea (Which is the size and length of a Bullet Train Car) in its tracks and is able to survive getting Thrown through buildings and and get up with just a few Cuts and Bruises. BERSERKER MODE: Zakku's Trump Card! Zakku Releases the Full power of His Varanium Limbs and His body along with his Bionic Eye begins to form a swirling Red Aura around his body. This form Nullifies any pain that Zakku would normally feel in his normal state and Amplifies His Power by 150%. BERSERKER MODE Also causes Zakku to Enter a Borderline Psychotic State of mind making him even more Savage, Brutal, Bloodthirsty. Healing Factor: His Bones, Organs, and Muscles can repair themselves, but the process only works when he is Exhausted and Collapses after Battle. This Ability is known to Only Dr. Kyoko Murusame.
Relationships: Chitoge Kirisaki: Zakku's Childhood Friend and is Zakku's current Love interest. She and Zakku are as close as can be. She is a very Loyal friend to him. Chitoge is very fond of Zakku and will get somewhat jealous of him if He looks at a girl in a perverted way with her around. She fawns over Enju whenever she sees her with Zakku. She is very motherly towards Enju. Zakku Appreciates Everything that Chitoge has done over the course of his life and always reassures Him that if He is Around She feels safer. She could be developing feelings towards Zakku, Like He has for her. She is 18 years old. Zakku is willing to protect her even if it costs him his own life. Enju Aihara: Zakku's 5 year old Adoptive Daughter. She is a Cursed Child/Initiator in Training. After she was saved by Zakku she became an orphan after losing her Parents due to a Gastrea attack. When she saw Zakku for the first time, he was hooked up to many different machines to keep him alive. She was very shy for a moment meeting him for the second time when he was awake She hid herself behind Dr. Murusame for a brief moment, until Zakku smiled and gently called out to her and she ran and jumped into his arms crying. She was later Adopted by Zakku later that week Zakku was released. She's been Joined at the hip with Zakku ever since then. She is a Model Rabbit Initiator. Enju Has Zakku wrapped around her finger. Zakku is the type of parent that can't say no when it comes to her wanting something. She also Loves Spending time with Chitoge, and sees her as a Mother figure. Her favorite food is Pizza and Bean Sprouts.
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