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{NC} What older anime do I love?

Challenge #4 What is an older anime that I love!? For this one I picked one everyone loves, that is Trigun!
Released back in 1998 some time Trigun introduced someone to us all that we all love and relate to in some way, he is The Huminod Typhoon Vash the Stamped!
He's an Ace gunman unlike any other, he won't kill you. But he will make you fell powerless, just like a child in timeout! This show is great from start to finish! It'll make you laugh, it might even make you have some feels! But for a fact it will keep you entertained and anticipating the next episode! I absolutely love this show and all the characters in it such as Knives, Wolfwood, Meral and Milly and some many more!
Well this is my card for today's challenge, sorry, it's not as detailed as I'd like it to be but as I said in my last card I just got out surgery and am trying to recover but I couldn't go without making these cards and try and win this giveaway!! So hope you enjoyed it anyway. @hikaymm @InVinsybll @AshChrimson @
this is a great pick! I loved Trigun - it's one of those quintessential anime in my eyes.
@InVinsybll couldn't agree more!
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