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I'm sorry guys, I been in and out but I should be able to push out more content for our community this week! Today's answer for me.... Believe or not, I'm going to say Benny. Yes, that vampire Benny. I absolutely loved his character and his story arc. I really felt bad how everything turned out for Benny and also I was not a fan of how Sam treated him (I know he had his reasons but Sam's demon record is absolutely not clean either) Benny's character was awesome and I wish there was a way to keep him around. He did not have to be a main character but I liked how he popped up and he was willing to do anything for Dean. That's my boy Benny! Bite Me lol.. Oh and he is handsome lol XD
Safe travels Benny..
Day 1 Dean baby Ep when Dean is cured from the mark of Cain Fav season don't have one Fav male other then the brothers has to be Gabriel Fav female Charlie Fav spn actor Jensen Ackles Fav angel Anna Least fav character Rowena Fav villain Azazel yellow eyes Castiel Gabriel's Scariest Ep none of them Fav Bobby scene whenever he says idjits Ruby the actress that Jared's wife the burnnet Ep that makes me cry every time ether Dean or Sam is killed Fav demon Crowley
oooh I see where you're coming from! I'll have to think about this one
@kolmikaelson excellent choices :D