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This is just a reduction from my 15 biases into just 5. I will link you to my other card with my 15 biases. Link:
My first bias just has to be Leeteuk! The fact that he is just super attractive is just awesome and he's super hilarious when it comes to him hosting variety shows. He's just so good at it! I hear he's great on Mickey Mouse Club Korea. I can't wait to see what he will do next!
My next bias is Key of SHINee. He's just this sassy, sarcastic divo that raps, sings, and acts in musicals! I love him!
My next bias is Shin Soohyun of ukiss. I quite honestly think that ukiss should make a Korean comeback this year. It's sad not hearing from them frequently, and I never got to listen to his solo album! I need to find that somewhere.
My next bias is Kim Sungkyu of infinite. He was once the lead singer in a rock band when he was younger. His parents were reluctant about him pursuing his dreams of becoming a singer so they kicked him out of the house and he left for Seoul. Since then, he's been such a leading to his fans and continues to make them proud everyday.
My last bias will be Hong Jisoo or Joshua of Seventeen. He's on the vocal unit, he plays guitar, he's from Los Angeles, and he's just a super cute guy!