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When Bethesda first announced the bits of DLC that are coming out over the month, one of the packs I was most excited for was the Wasteland Workshop. Mostly because I spend a lot of time building stuff and I love looking through all the things that I can make or do with my resources.
And Wasteland Workshop seems to be focused on the building mode of the game. And it sure does add a lot. It allows you to capture and tame wasteland creatures including Deathclaws, Mirelurks, and (if you look above) cats!
Bethesda released a trailer today that shows some of the other things that are included with this package. And it's a pretty good watch. One of the things that stuck out to me in this DLC is the decontamination arch. That looks like an awesome thing to have at one of your settlements.
Since I've been doing a lot of building this weekend, I'd find myself stuck in Radiation Storms and with a bit of rads by the time it cleared out, so I was using a bunch of RadAways and all the Mutant Hound Chops I could make to deal with it. But if I had this Arch thing, I wouldn't have to waste any of my items.
But the most exciting addition that comes from this DLC is...

These little planter things!

I've been building Starlight Drive-In as a settlement where all of my stores and shops will be. But it's hard to have a good farm there because it's mostly concrete (and the same goes with Red Rocket). But with these little planter things, you could have some kind of food supply at any settlement, whether it's mostly concrete or not.
Wasteland Workshop will be available next week, April 12th, 2016 for $4.99 if you didn't pick up the Season Pass
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shut up and take my 4.99 Bethesda