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This is my first boyXboy, there will be mature content. I will label those chapters.
Ch. 1
“I’m in love with you Kookie.” Jimin says while looking Jungkook in the eyes. “I’ve been in love with you for a while, why can’t you love me too?” Jungkook gives Jimin a sigh and rubs his forehead.
“Jimin, I love you too, you’re my hyung. I’m not in love with you, my heart belongs to Tae hyung. I’m sorry.” Jungkook turns around and walks away leaving Jimin with tears filling his eyes. Jimin puffs up his chest and stands straight.
“Okay Jungkook, at least I told you how I felt and was rejected properly, maybe I can move on now.” Jimin said quietly to himself. But in his mind he knew better than that, Jungkook was so under his skin how could he move on?
Suga steps out from behind the corner. “Hey, Jimin you okay?” Suga places his hand on Jimin’s shoulders and Jimin looks the other way trying to not show his red eyes.
“Yeah hyung, I’m okay.” Jimin says with a sniff. Suga pats Jimin’s back, with knowing what he just over heard he knows Jimin isn’t okay. But what could he do to make his dongsaeng feel better? Suga didn’t like to see his members upset or hurting he was very empathic. Jimin wipes away any leftover tears before turning back to face Suga.
“Let’s go hyung their waiting for us.” Jimin tells Suga, and he just nods in response. Taehyung, Jungkook, and J-Hope were in the back of the van leaving Suga and Jimin to sit in the middle with Jin and Namjoon in the front row. The ride back to the dorm was normal as could be, Suga kept talking with Jimin and making him laugh. He was glad his dongsaeng was laughing, he wanted him to feel better.
They reached the dorms, and Jimin was the first one out of the van, walking to his room Suga followed.
“Hey Jimin, you wanna go to the gym or dance studio?” Jimin thought for a moment before he answered. As he was thinking he saw Tae and Kookie come into the dorm, Kookie was glued to Tae’s side. It made Jimin remember what he said, that Jungkook was in love with Tae.
“Yeah hyung, let’s go to the dance studio.” Jimin replies, and walks into his room to grab his bag. After he shuts the door he takes a deep breath. “Okay Park Jimin, this is it, I must move on I must let Jungkook go. He looked so happy next to Tae.” Jimin tried to motivate himself, but it still hurt. He hoped the pain would disappear quickly. Jimin grabs his bag and heads out of his room.
“Hey Namjoon, Jimin and I are going to the dance studio for a bit and practice, cool.” Suga shouts at Namjoon as Jimin and him leave. Namjoon just shouts back “Okay.”
Suga and Jimin reach the studio room and Suga starts to set up the music. “Hey Jimin, what song do you want?” Jimin walks over to Suga and rests his chin on Suga’s shoulder. Suga takes a breath in and holds it. Jimin then reaches over him and points to the song he wants to start with. The song is “Just one day” Suga hits the play button and Jimin walks away to the middle of the room with Suga following. They do their stretching exercise and finish up with the choreography for the song. The next song was “Danger” and they both smile at each other. They dance their hearts out to this song and when it’s finished they both collapse on the floor.
Jimin wasn’t feeling sad anymore, Jimin was happy and it was thanks to Suga. Suga looked at Jimin and saw him smiling, it made Suga feel good that he can bring a smile to Jimin. At that moment Suga realized he had strong feelings for Jimin and hoped that those feelings could be returned one day.
After dancing to a couple faster paced songs, they dropped to the floor again, their legs felt like Jell-O. “Oh man that was great, exactly what I needed.” Jimin says. Suga just laughs and agrees with Jimin.
“Me too man.” Suga sits up and runs his hand through his sweaty hair, he looks at Jimin and lays on his side. Jimin has his eyes closed while lying on his back. Jimin could feel Suga was staring at him so he opens his left eye just a little to confirm it. Jimin smiles seeing Suga staring at him.
“Hyung how much did you over hear earlier? Jimin asks. Suga looks confused for a moment then he remembers what Jimin was talking about. Suga squints his eyes to make it look like he was thinking.
“Honestly, I heard it all.” Suga replies as he rubs his chin. Jimin thought so.
“Is that why you wanted to bring me out?” Jimin asks.
“Yeah, that’s part of it, and plus I had some energy believe it or not and I felt like extinguishing it.” Suga replies with a smile making Jimin chuckle. Suga felt his heart flutter when he heard Jimin laugh, even though he’s heard it plenty of times, it was just different this time. It made Suga happy with himself he could make Jimin laugh and smile. Internally Suga was patting himself on the back for a job well done.
Meanwhile back at the dorm. “Hey V hyung, what you are you doing?” Jungkook comes towards Tae like an excited puppy. He was all kinds of hyper, he was happy to be next to Tae. He felt Tae was the only hyung he could be close to. When he was with Tae the world disappeared and it was just them two. Taehyung can be weird and silly but he can also be deep and have normal conversations.
“Not a lot I’m about to take a shower.” Jungkook gave Tae puppy eyes and gave him the pouty lip. Tae just chuckled at him and patted his head before walking off to the bathroom. Tae shouts at Jungkook. “Dude, you really need to work on your cuteness.” Jungkook just smiles as he watches Tae walk towards the bathroom. Jungkook looked around all of the other members where busy with their own thing and Suga and Jimin were out so he thought he would take the chance.
Jungkook walked down the hall to the bathroom and placed his hand on the doorknob. Jungkook was surprised to find the door unlocked. Jungkook could hear the shower running and Tae singing, which meant Tae was in the shower already. Jungkook opens the bathroom door slowly and shuts the door quietly behind him and locks it. Jungkook quickly undresses and slips into the shower behind Tae. Tae wasn’t paying attention he was rinsing his hair when all of a sudden he felt someone’s cold chest touch his back. Jungkook had hugged Tae from behind. Tae turns around almost too fast and slipping but Jungkook catches him.
“What the fuck, man!” Tae says as he rubs his eyes to get the water and soap out of them. Jungkook just smirked at him.
“Shh, careful the guys will hear you.” Jungkook says as he moves closer to Tae planting a kiss on Tae’s lips, Tae’s eyes are wide open from shock; he didn’t know Jungkook’s feelings where this strong. Jungkook deepens the kiss and wraps his arms around Tae’s waist pulling him closer while rubbing his back. Tae finds himself about to succumb to the heat and seduction of Jungkook’s kiss when there was a knock on the door.
Tae pushes Jungkook away quickly. Jungkook just smirks.
“Hey who’s in the shower Jungkook or Tae?” Tae’s and Jungkook’s eyes grow wide.
“It’s me hyung, Tae” Tae yells.
“Okay, dude hurry up you’re not the only one who needs a shower, plus you need to save some hot water for us.” Jin walks away. Tae lets out a big sigh of relief, Jungkook just puts his hand over his mouth to muffle his chuckles.
“I think we need to get out.” Tae says as he places his hands over his chest and motions for Jungkook to get out of the shower. Jungkook stands up straight and gets out of the shower.
“Hyung, can we finish where we left off?” Jungkook asks.
“Let me think about it okay.” Jungkook nods and quickly puts his clothes back on before leaving the bathroom and heading to his room. After Jungkook shuts the door, he leans against it. Jungkook is high as a kite right now. He just kissed his crush, Tae couldn’t look anymore sexy all wet in the shower. How’s he going to be able to touch him or goof off with him like normal when he just craves Tae even more. Feeling Tae’s lips on his, so soft and sweet like honey.
Tae gets out of the shower and realizes he doesn’t have his clothes. Tae wraps a towel around his waist when he opens the door J-hope is standing in front of the door about to knock, his fist was in the air.
“Hey, where’s your clothes?” J-hope asked. J-hope was looking up and down Tae’s exposed upper body and liked what he saw. J-hope shook his head. Tae just smiles at his hyung.
“I forgot them.” Tae clears his throat. J-hope just nods and grabs Tae’s shoulder to move him out of the way. As soon as J-hope moved Tae out of the way he shuts the bathroom door and leans against it.
“Holy crap what was that!” J-hope said to himself. I love Jimin, I’m not attracted to Tae. J-hope repeated this a few times and slapping himself in the face to make it stick. Outside the door Tae hadn’t moved yet.
“Crap, there was something I wanted to talk to him about. Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow.” Tae says to himself. Tae gets to his room and as he’s putting clothes on he starts to think of what Jungkook did in the shower. Remembering the feeling of Jungkook’s chest pressed against his, Jungkook’s lips pressing on his it wasn’t making his heart flutter at all, instead it was more of a disgusting feeling like kissing your cousin or aunt. Tae realized at that moment where his true feelings were. Although he loved Jungkook, it wasn’t a romantic love and he wasn’t sexually attracted to him. How was he going to tell Jungkook without hurting his feelings and losing their friendship? It was something Tae was going to have to sleep on.
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So many feelings and ugh none of the relationships are working my ships are all sinking😣😣😣