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As everyone here on Vingle knows, I'm a super rich guy. I'm the richest guy in the world. I have all of the money ever and no one has any other money than me. So what if that last sentence didn't make sense, I'm super rich so don't worry about it.
But all jokes aside, this insane company decided it would be a really cool idea to gold plate their custom-made NES and sell them to people who have more money than anyone else in the world. As cool as it is to have a gold plated NES sitting in your living room, I can't help but think that the only people who could afford this thing would just let it sit on a goddamn shelf.
You know the type, they're the ones drinking tea or coffee in middle of the day and asking why their maid is late all the time. Or they're talking about numbers and how the stocks are doing or thinking of probably, maybe taking a flight out to Paris for a week or two on the private jet.
Man, I'm really painting with a broad brush over here. I think I have some issues with people who have more money than me.
Anyway, would you guys ever by this thing? If you had the money to, anyway.
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No haha I'd but a cheaper one and many many games along with it! Also a Gamecube would be nice
Nope, most likely not. I rather invest in older games than just chuck it over to a gold plated system.
but you won't have any games to play
nah way, it's pretty but fuck that lol. even if I just had 5000 grand laying around I'd much rather spend it on a dream pc set up and get an emulator lol.