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Here is Part two! Hope you all enjoy it.
WARNING: Language and violence... as of now that is all I know for sure will let you know if there are other things to watch out for...
Also... this is a FANFICTION. In no way do my characters personalities actually match the real group of 2PM. I do not know them personally so I do not know how they actually act. Please keep in mind this story is fiction and if you do not like the way I have portrayed your bias I apologize. Thank you!
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She sat silently on the railing swinging her legs back and forth as she watched the men run in and out of the large mansion with boxes. If you were to ask her why she had decided to stay with Nick she wasn’t exactly sure. All she knew was that something told her that this is where she should be. There was no way she would ever get out from under her sisters shadow if she just followed her wherever she went. Still the nagging voice at the back of her head said that she better be sure of her decision because there was no going back. Once you betrayed Zara you better be ready to deal with the consequences. She wasn’t really the forgive and forget type.
Nara giggled to herself. She knew that Nick knew that as well. Since he hadn’t been able to find her in 48 hours he was panicked. He knew the moment she turned back into human form his life was the first thing on her list of things to snuff out. So in typical Nick fashion he was going to just move and keep a low profile for a while. Nara remembered him having done something similar about 30 years ago when he pissed off Zara, but to no one’s surprise she had found him in less than three days. She had to admit, her sister could be totally scary when she wanted to be, but Nara wanted to have the same thing. She didn’t want people to always see her as Zara’s sister, and for that she needed to surpass her.
“Why aren’t you packing?” Nick stopped and looked at Nara confused.
“I did.” She pointed behind her at the small bag by her feet. “Unlike you I like to keep things light for an easy escape.” She looked at him pointedly. “You on the other hand are too extravagant, at this rate my sister will be here before you even finish making your list of things to bring with you.” Nara smirked as she watched the color almost drain from Nick’s already colorless face. “She isn’t going to go easy on you this time. You know what they say,” She gave him an almost bored look as she started to look down at her chipped yellow fingernail polish. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times…. Well time to kill the bastard.”
“That isn’t how it goes Nara.” Nick shook his head.
“Oh no, you are right this is Zara we are talking about, not me. You already fooled her once so its fool her once shame on you… fool her twice…. Well I don’t think Zara is nice enough to let you have a third chance.” She chuckled and looked up at him smiling brightly. “See I am the nice sister. Zara doesn’t tend to forgive very well.”
Nick’s face contorted into an annoyed scowl. “Let me know when you are ready to go.” Nara jumped off of the railing and walked out to the car. “I think a good cat nap would be nice about now.” With a wave over her shoulder she walked out to the parked car they would eventually leave in. Her face instantly fell into a look of concentration. She didn’t have a chance in hell of beating Zara in hand to hand combat. Zara had hundreds of years of experience in these things and Nara was just starting. To be honest she hadn’t even killed someone before and she knew from what Nick had told her that he had lost count of Zara’s kills over two hundred years ago. If she could figure out a way to beat her sister, then no one would ever doubt she was better. Nara smirked and slid into the back seat of the car. No, there was no if’s about it, she had to beat her sister once and for all.
Annoyed, irritated, angry, overwhelmed, and eager to escape. Those are, to say the least, the emotions Zara was feeling. Two days…. Two flipping days she had been stuck in cat form. Two days she had lived with these men and two days she had tried to tell herself that scratching their eyes out wasn’t very ‘thank you’ like. If she had had a voice she would have told them all off one by one. They were treating her like a pet and Zara had never felt so degraded in her life. Yes, she was stuck in the form of a cat, but she refused to be called Princess. She shuttered at the thought.
The men had been so fascinated with her purple eyes that they had decided to keep her instead of taking her to the pound, of course this meant they wanted to give her a name. Despite her hissing and shaking her head with the names they would come up with they had all finally settled on Princess.
Princess! What trained shifter assassin was named Princess? On top of the ridiculous name they had gone out to the store one day and came back with hordes of pink kitty toys, feeding bowls, and a pink scratch post. Oh if only she could turn back into her regular self. She felt bad that they had spent their money but she was not sorry enough to continue to be their house pet.
She spent most of her time hiding under the bed or the couch or up on top of the shelves in the kitchen. There was nothing more odd then having a full grown man holding you in his arms and petting you while calling you a ‘pretty kitty’. A shiver went down her spine.
If she had been just a regular cat she was sure she would have loved to live with these men, but she wasn’t, she was a human…err…. Shifter, and living with a bunch of men pretending to be a cat wasn’t her idea of a good time. Oh top of that, she had a certain vampire to defang and a little kitty that need to be punished.
“Oh there you are.” She stiffened. She had been so lost in thought she hadn’t noticed the men had returned. Junho picked her up and walked over to the couch. He instantly started to pet her.
‘Here we go again.’ She thought to herself. Out of everyone in the house she had come to the conclusion that Junho liked cats better than the rest.
“She came out of hiding?” Taecyeon sat beside the other man and reached over to give her a quick pet on the head. “See we are nice, no need to hide from us.” He smiled.
‘Yea, no need to hide from you all but if you knew what I was then you would feel the need to hide from me.’ She thought, if she had been able to smirk she would have been, but as a cat it always just looked like she was trying to bare her teeth.
After a while of struggling she had finally given up and gritted her teeth as Junho held her. She had been a cat for two days. Just how long was this damn concoction supposed to keep her in this form? She had no desire to stay with these men any longer than she had to.
“Are you itchy?” She hadn’t even noticed that she had started to scratch at herself.
“Maybe she needs a bath, we did find her outside.” Chansung said as he entered the room. Junho looked up beaming brightly.
“Then we will give you a bath!” Junho stood up and Zara panicked. She started to squirm in his arms and would not sit still. “Woah, no need to worry it will be over fast.”
‘No…. no……stop it now…… Change… You can change, come on Zara you have done it millions of times, now is the time to change back!’ To her dismay she wasn’t able to change, and she was given her first bath in cat form, by a man she didn’t even know.
The smell of him was enough to make her heady, if there was anything she did without complaining it was crawling into bed with Jun K every night. He didn’t really want much to do with her during the day, but when he would get ready for bed he would kidnap her from the others and lay her in bed with him.
She snuggled closer to his bare chest and sighed tracing her fingers along the defined abs and muscles she could reach. His arms pulled her in closer and she let her arm wrap around him……… WAIT! Fingers? Arm?
Zara’s eyes shot open and it seemed that Jun K had realized the same thing at the same moment, because seconds after she looked into his face her eyes round and surprised, his did the same. It only took two seconds for them to both be out of the bed and staring at each other in disbelief.
Zara watched as Jun K became extremely red and turned his head from her. ‘What’s his pro……’ “Omo!” Zara reached out to grab his sheet off of the bed. ‘Damn it Zara, nice time to forget that you shift back naked.’ Turning she moved for the door, she needed to get out before the other boys woke up.
“Who the hell are you?” Jun K had jumped into action the moment she was covered and blocked the door.
“Uh…. Sorry I only speak English.” She lied.
“Well it’s a good thing I do to.” Zara flipped around to see Taecyeon standing behind her an amused look on his face.
With a large sigh she decided that she might as well just talk her way out of this in Korean. “Look, I got her by mistake, sorry? Wrong house?” She moved forward like Jun K would just let her go like that.
“So you DO speak Korean.” Jun K smirked and shook his head. “Are you some crazy sasaeng fan?”
“Sasaeng fan?” Zara raised an eyebrow and looked at the man confused. “What is that? Are you some kind of actor or something?”
This only caused both Taecyeon and Jun K to laugh. “You think she was being serious?”
“She could be acting.” Taecyeon responded.
They both looked at Zara confused and curious. “How did you get in?” Jun K questioned. “Did you pick the lock?”
She smirked. “Well technically if I wanted to pick the lock I would have, but no. You all let me in all on your own.” To hell with it. They weren’t going to believe her, so what is wrong with telling the truth. “I also could get out of here easily if I wanted to but I am trying to show you some respect pretty boy, since you all took care of me the last few days and all.”
Jun K looked at her confused. “I would remember taking care of you if I had.” He shook his head, “Sadly I do not think I have ever met you.”
“Are you sure?” Zara smirked and moved to make herself comfortable on his bed. “I have slept right here for the last three nights. And muscles over there,” She said pointing over at Taecyeon. “even showed me his affection and told me not to be scared of you all.”
The more confused the men started to look the more delighted she was. This was making all she had, had to go through with these boys the last few days well worth it. “You have not been sleeping in my bed, I would remember something like that.” Jun K snapped at her.
“What? Not every day you wake up with a strange naked woman in your bed I assume?”
Jun K’s face turned bright red and he nodded slightly. “What is all the commotion about?” Junho pushed his way into the room and stared at Zara. “Who is she? Who are you?” He turned from JunK to Zara herself.
“Oh, how rude of me.” She stuck out her hand and smiled brightly. “My name is Zara, but you can continue to call me Princess.”
ANNNDDDDD end scene.... part.... section... chapter? lol This story seems to have a bit more to it than the other ones I have written so please let me know how you are liking it. It is always nice to hear opinions of people who read my work. Good or bad. It makes me a better writer.
I hope you all enjoyed this part of They Call Me a Monster. Thank you for taking the time to read it... I know these chapters seem to be longer than they usually are on my other stories.
Hope you look forward to Part 3!
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