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{NC} Day 5 x {WW} Non-Human Edition

Hope my non-human husbando harem will be close enough!
We'll start with the obvious, everyone's favorite demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. Nothing else needs to be said about this one; he's simply one hell of a butler!
Next up is Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist. What can I say? I love my demon boys! I know he's half human, but I think that still counts!
Now let's shift our attention away from Hell and toward the Soul Society for my favorite soul reaper, Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach. I just think his tiny, cute physical appearance coupled with his super serious, mature, no nonsense demeanor is the most f*cking adorable combination! Also, white haired anime boys
I'm no pedo, but here's another young one: Yato's trusty regalia, Yukine from Noragami. I loved that snowflake from the moment Yato named the little shit, but my favorite thing about him is how much he's grown as a character, and can't wait to see how he continues to develop in the future! One of these days I bet we'll find out how he died, and I'm gonna cry. He's been through so much, I just wanna hug him! Also, his eyes are so beautiful I can't stand it!
An instant S class superstar, this cyborg strives to become strong like his reluctant sensei, Saitama. I present Genos.
Last, but certainly not least, Kaneki Ken, my broken lost puppy half-ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul. My heart breaks for him, and, whether season 3 turns out to be a reboot or continuation, I can't wait! This probably tops the list of manga I must read!
Whelp, there you have it! I couldn't possibly choose one, even when limited to non-humans!
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Also tagging @NikolasSatterwh
Oh, and if you also want me to start tagging you for my Nakama Campfire cards, or any other cards, for that matter, please feel free to ask!
@OtakuDemon10 that's funny because I was thinking of doing Yukine but in the end I went with Yato. I almost did Keneki to but I thought it might not count if he used to be human but that's just me over thinking it
duuuude these picks are amazing! I love all of these guys (except Sebastian, cause I haven't watched BB). Kaneki is my poor little bby ;_;
@SAMURXAI totally not an accident!
lol you called yukine a snowflake and now forever, so shall I
they're all my top favorite characters~~~~ cant choose....
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