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Guess what everyone?? Today is Tuesday, so that only means one thing!!


I am here as support for our lovely Mod, and my sweet face @VixenViVi

I will be bringing you Onew Tuesday!

Now we have that quality about us that makes us stand out. Regardless, we can call it a "Condition". So in theme for Today, I'll be focusing on

Onew Condition! ♡

Onew is absolutely adorable & necessary! He is legit me, just in a male form.

(In fact as I was getting ready for my interview, I tripped and fell in my heels, so long story short, I now have a semi injured ankle.)

Back to Onew!

Awe! Here we have a cute little penguini. Oh he slips how cute!!

I see no difference at all. . .

As my name is amongst my friends, I'm a Giraffe on Roller skates. . . Onew is too. He is precious.

Sports is not my Forte, and neither is it for him. .

He did a great job though taking her out.

Cutie Onew! ♡

Tagging SHINee Support Family:

Tagging some Vinglers:

@VixenViVi HAHAH YAYYYYYY!! thank you Sweetheart! ♡♡
@AimeeH This shows the onew condition beautifully XD So proud
This made my day woke up in foul mood this made me giggle non-stop on the bus lol 💗😁
Right! takes skill to high 5 the floor lol
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