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Tomorrow, April 6th, the PS4 will be getting a major software update (it hasn't gotten one since last September) and this one seems to add a lot to the system's capabilities. One of the more interesting features update 3.50 will add is the ability for players to use remote play from a PC or a Mac.
I'm not really sure how this update will work but I'm sure it'll be something fun to try once the update is live. I'll be sure to try it out with my system just to see what it's like and if it's worth it. It still seems kind of weird to me, though.
One of my favorite features from Xbox 360 comes to PS4 with the update tomorrow as well and that's the ability to appear offline. And it's not that I'm an anti-social gamer or anything like that, it's just there are some nights where I don't want to be bothered by party invites or invites to games. So it's safe to say that I'm pretty pleased about this whole update.
If you want to see a full list of changes/additions you can do so here
it's ridiculous that they made us wait 2 years for an appear offline feature.
@hhead232 yeah. I'm with you in that one