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What a bunch of bastards. I hate when people comment on videos asking where someone else is. "You want to know where they are? Fucking not here! Is that a good enough answer bitch!" I would love to see some idol just lose it and do that...teach them a fricken lesson. I mean, maybe if six of them were there and Suga wasn't, then yes, that's understandable to be asking where he is. But not if there's like 4 or less. Not there, that's where they are. Either watch the vid with Jin and be happy to watch his video or fuck off.
Ok look, jin is an angel! just because he is quieter than the others doesnt make him invisible! if you are really part if ARMY then you love and support all of the members! jin is a beautiful soul that deserves love. what's the point in saying those comments on a show that's called EatJin? It's HIS broadcast. goodness why cant ppl see that jin is wonderful............and if you want to see the other members just watch THEIR videos instead of trying to make Jin feel less appreciated
They do not even deserve to call themselves ARMYs!!
I love Eat Jin.. He's such a sweetie.. When he broadcast but himself I'm alway entertained. He doesn't to feel any less important alphabet the rest of BTS.. Eomma Jin is one of my favs .
What how did I not know about this? Eat Jin was the highlight of my days because I always watch them to cheer myself up!
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