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They do not even deserve to call themselves ARMYs!!
Ok look, jin is an angel! just because he is quieter than the others doesnt make him invisible! if you are really part if ARMY then you love and support all of the members! jin is a beautiful soul that deserves love. what's the point in saying those comments on a show that's called EatJin? It's HIS broadcast. goodness why cant ppl see that jin is wonderful............and if you want to see the other members just watch THEIR videos instead of trying to make Jin feel less appreciated
I thought he was still doing it....just one youtube....but the only reason I never watched it was because I was always working when he was doing it so like I never got it live...I was always upset but I'd still post on it even if it wasn't live anymore
this makes me so angry! i love jin so much and have a really soft and sensitive spot for him and jimin especially. i love him so much and i wish he didnt feel this way. i for one am going to show him how much i myself loves him i dont know if itll make a difference but i hope that he will at least see something and know he does have fans out there!