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Very, Very soon, I am going to post the Lyrics to "Very Good" by Block B.


this is to help you learn how to sing the song.

when I post this, I need to know who to tag, I will post cards daily until the song is Finished. you can also Find the cards in My Collection "Learning Korean the K-pop way".

you Interested?

If you're Interested in Learning this song step by step, I would be Glad to walk you through it to help you learn how to sing this song. it's not hard to learn a Korean Song, it just takes time, Practice and little baby steps, and I will show you how.

I need to know who to tag.

Please Let me Know in the Comments if You're interested.

don't worry, I don't Bite.

I'm Very, Very Good. :)

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OoooooooOOOOOoooo please tag me.
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can I be tagged.
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@Moose1998 of course. 馃
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please tag me:-)
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I'm late but tag me
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