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The franchise seems untouchable right now.

Even people who have never read a comic or been interested in superheroes are suddenly invested in these stories. Which is awesome! But do we think it'll last? Or is it possible for Marvel to really mess up? What do you think Marvel would have to do to ruin the good thing they've got going right now?
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@JimTurpen @BeannachtOraibh or do both and do a DC/Marvel crossover movie with Michael Bay as the Director. And just to add more salt to the wound, during the movie sharknadoes start happening and they have to team up and stop the biggest Sharknado Storm ever. I'd actually go see that just to see how terrible that would be....
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@cardboardart no wait, you're onto something. A Namor/Aquaman crossover where they battle a Sharknado. This idea has wings.
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@JimTurpen my god....that WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!
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XD new game: how long does it take the vingle thread to get to Sharknado
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@shannonl5 3 licks
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