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Now, I don't watch UFC as much as I used to, which basically means I don't play the games as much as I used to. But I've never seen Double KOs like this before. I'm not saying I haven't seen one at all (I've been on the receiving end of one in-game at least once) but I haven't seen anything as ridiculous as this.
Now I don't know whether or not he was playing against a real human opponent or just the CPU. But if it was the CPU, then it's even more ridiculous that this happened. With a friend or someone online, you could easily just try and time those moves together but if this is just a solo match he recorded for fun then it's insane that both of those kicks lined up in such a way where they both got knocked down.
Sometimes, you think you've seen it all in video games but then a video like this comes around and your whole world changes. What do you guys think? Have you seen any intense Double KOs in the UFC games (or any other fighting game for that matter).
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I'm normally jot much of a real fighting game kinda guy, I'm into DOA and Street fighter, never played the UFC games. that was fucking awesome though, unreal the timing was. the guy that did the high kick going low with his face while the other guy did a low kick, that was legit