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Deadpool can be crass (like myself) and just a ball of fun. He has the talent to be so over the top that you can't help but laugh at him or with him. Your choice.. I usually laugh with him XD. Remember our not so much hero runs into everyone in the Marvel Universe.. No one is safe.. NO ONE.. LOL. Anyway this post my fellow Vingle peeps are these moments! Head Merc with a Mouth
Deadpool and Daredevil.. Even Daredevil's wicket sense were able to tell that Deadpool was full of crap lol. He (Daredevil) might have even smelled him first. Word on the street is that Deadpool stinks! The only person to top his rancid smell was Evil Deadpool. XD
Deadpool schooling Domino on the Fourth Wall Breaks. We know Deadpool pushes the envelope when he breaks the forth wall but in this case, he tries to bring Domino along and welp.. The writing is on the wall, Domino is that the forth wall type XD.
Yes, what would Batman do? He is awesome, right? Well Deadpool at Marvel is totally aware of Burce Wayne but the feeling is not mutual. Sorry Deadpool, Batman does not break and he keeps his assets at DC.
Stay tuned for more moments with our boy Deadpool XD
Seriously how can you not love deadpool...
I want an interspatial distorter.
@merryjayne13 Seriously, I don't know lol but I do know he is my comic book husband lol. I'm still playing the field though XD.
XD the Daredevil one is so so so good
@shannonl5 Thank you. :')
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