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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 19 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter: Jimin, Jungkook Length: 4341 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 19/? I cocked the gun to get them to look at me. And of course, they did. They all whirl around to face me. I wiped away the last of the tears and weakly stepped forward, trying not to look at the blood on the floor. “Right”, I spoke. My voice was laced with pain, anger, hurt, betrayal. “Who’s first?”
Y/n’s POV I watched as Jungkook tried to step forward, his eyes pleading with me not to do anything stupid. “Don’t fucking move”, I tried to growl, but it came out as a sinister whisper. Jungkook stopped dead.  Out of all of them, it was Hoseok who looked the most shocked. Out of everyone in the room, only the two of us knew how hard he’d kicked me to check that I was unconscious. Let me tell you, it was hard. And I hadn’t even reacted. I glanced at the window- I could no longer see Yoongi and Jimin. In my peripheral vision, I saw Taehyung, who was stood at the end of their little formation, slowly reach for his gun. I shot the wall beside him as a warning. Once I had recovered from the recoil of the gun, I saw the bullet hole- it was inches away from him. Nicely aimed y/n. He was staring at me in shock. Like he couldn’t believe I had it in me. I wanted to cry so loud- from the pain, from the way Jungkook was treating me. From everything. But I held it in. “Are you deaf?”, I asked him. He was still staring, mouth slightly agape. “I said don’t move.” I looked at the other three men beside him- they all had the same expression on their faces. Disbelief. They were probably wondering how a 20 year old student was holding them at gun point. I heard Hoseok mutter “What the fuck is this. Jungkook why can’t you keep your pet under control?” THAT’S when Jungkook spoke. “Y/n, babe wha-” “Don’t fucking call me that”, I spat. This boy claimed me as his, told me he loved me. But all it takes is his stupid leader’s presence for him to become the biggest dick on Earth.  “I’m not yours”, I whispered. My voice was shaky and I didn’t want them to hear that- so I resorted to whispering. Jungkook looked hurt, but I looked away from him.  “Minah’s dad is probably almost here”, I addressed all of them. Woah, I feel really dizzy. Focus y/n. You’ll be out of here soon. “And since I don’t fancy getting shot  again”, I glared at Jin, who narrowed his eyes at me, “I’m leaving.” “No the fuck you’re not.” Jin growled. I cocked the gun again and pointed it straight at him, causing him to step back slightly, the scowl still plastered on his face. “Who’s gonna stop me?” I challenged. Suddenly the lights were flickering. Ha! Min Yoongi, you are the best! The number of times Yoongi had messed around with the warehouse lights today was almost funny.  “He’s here, isn’t he?”, Jungkook asked coldly. I ignored him. The last thing I saw before it went back to pitch black was a teary-eyed Jungkook.
Jungkook’s POV It hurt. It hurt Jungkook that for their protection, he couldn’t do shit. He couldn’t speak to her, touch her, make her feel better, protected. He knew she was lying when she said she needed the bathroom, but he was secretly hoping she’d use that as a way to escape. As soon as he saw a different gun in her hand, he knew she had gone to see someone outside. How she knew they were there, he doesn’t know. He didn’t remember her checking her phone.  And when he saw the imprints on her thighs, he instinctively thought it was Yoongi. But how the hell did that bastard get back? Jin took the van. Jungkook’s mind was reeling. He felt like he was missing the piece of a puzzle. He was still trying to make sense of it in his head, when y/n unexpectedly started running away, and Jin, quicker than Jungkook had ever seen him handle a gun, shot her. Right in the arm. He felt sick. There was Tae congratulating Jin, on shooting a student. But then again, he knew Taehyung had killed younger. So had Jin for that matter. Jin’s own brother had been nineteen when he killed him. He didn’t know what to do. He could see she was still breathing, but going up to her could mean Jin ending her life for good. And knowing Jin, he would spare Jungkook just to live with the pain of losing her. He winced when Hoseok walked up to her and kicked her. She looked so lifeless, lying there, the red pool steadily spreading around her. He knew Yoongi was out there somewhere, but right no, he needed to stay here, keep an eye on y/n. His girl. She’ll pull through, he told himself, as he turned around to listen to Jin. Jin was formulating a plan for when she got attacked- leaving the warehouse at this point would be pointless when they’re probably minutes away. Besides, they could deal with a few men. Easy. Jin was in the middle of talking when they all heard the distinguishable ‘click’ of a gun. His initial thought was that it was Yoongi, so he was shocked to find his girlfriend as the person behind the offensive weapon. He automatically tried to step forward to her. She looked so weak, so fragile. Especially when she discretely tried to wipe her tears. So strong, Jungkook mused. He had been hit in the arm before, so he knew first hand it wasn’t pleasant. But when she coldly whispered to him to not move, that’s when he knew. He could see it in her eyes. He had let her down, big time. She was hurting, and it was his fault. I’d rather her be mad at me than be dead, he told himself. But it was no good. He still hated how much pain he had inflicted by not being there for you. I know I’m not right for you, he thought as he stared at her small frame. Shaking, scared and angry at the same time. It wasn’t a good mix.  But you are right for me. It was selfish of him, he knew, to drag her from a normal life to this mess, but he needed her with him. He was almost proud at her aim when she warned Taehyung by shooting near him. It was funny. Her transition from shooting at a door and breaking down, to shooting at a person and remaining hostile. Fast learner. As a beginner, Jungkook had had his fair share of warning shots- and his first one ever had ended up hitting the man’s foot. He remembered how Tae laughed at him while the man writhed in pain. He had to calm her down. He started to ask “Babe what are you doing?”, but she cut him off once more.  “Don’t fucking call me that.” Jungkook stopped again. He had never felt hurt before. Before he had even met y/n, Minah would stay out late, and come back with marks and lovebites all over her, and Jungkook wouldn’t give a damn. He felt numb, but he didn’t care. But when y/n cut him off like that, it hurt. What she said next was too much for Jungkook to bare. “I’m not yours.” His mouth went dry, and he was slowly shaking his head at her, as if to telepathically say ‘you don’t mean that’, but she had looked away. “Minah’s dad is probably almost here”, she said to the others. Jungkook didn't care about that. He wanted y/n to know he hadn’t acted cold because he hated her, but rather the opposite. “And since I don’t fancy getting shot  again”, she looked at Jin pointedly,, “I’m leaving.” Jungkook didn’t know whether he wanted her to leave, for her own safety, or to stay, where he could see here. He opted for ‘stay’, because Yoongi was out there. “No the fuck you’re not.” Jin growled, mirroring Jungkook’s thoughts. Jungkook watched in awe as y/n threatened him with the gun. “Who’s gonna stop me?” I am. The lights started flickering again. This time, Jungkook just sighed. That joker’s fucking around with the damn lighting again. He had probably been watching from somewhere, and was trying to help out y/n. This angered Jungkook. HE wanted to help y/n- he didn’t need that scumbag to do it for him. “He’s here, isn’t he?”, Jungkook asked, unable to hide his jealousy. He watched as y/n’s pained face took in his own sorrowful expression. Then, darkness.
Jimin’s POV “In that position, I think she can hold them off long enough”, he heard Yoongi mutter. He knew instantly what he was thinking. He was still breathless from his last run to get out from the warehouse- and now he was going back in again. “I’ll go in that way”, he said pointed back the way he had come from, “and turn the damn lights back off”. Is he trying to blow a damn fuse? But Jimin knew they didn’t have any other options from out here. “You go in that way”, he ordered, pointing in the opposite direction, “and you go get her. And be quick.” Jimin nodded.The two men looked through the window to y/n one last time, before they went in their designated directions. The men Yoongi called are gonna be here soon, was all Jimin could think as he snuck in. He knew the warehouse like the back of his head so it was easy to navigate.  He got to y/n quicker than Yoongi had got back to the office, as he had to wait around the corner for a couple of minutes until it went dark. And when it did, he was quick to grab her waist from behind, making her gasp. “Shh, it’s me”, he whispered. “Hurry.” She relaxed at the sound of his voice. He was careful to grab her right hand, not left, before pulling her along with him. The two of them heard Jungkook shout, “Y/n! Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t do it!”  She’s thinking of hiding from you, you bloody lunatic. Once outside, they hid somewhere Jimin knew Yoongi would look, trying to catch their breaths. And sure enough, the mint-haired man showed up, five minutes later. Jimin observed the eye contact between the two of them. It was certainly longer than necessary. But Jimin knew Yoongi wouldn’t show any emotional response to y/n’s presence as long as he was with them. Just as well. The three of them stood their in silence, trying to figure out what to do. “Y/n…your arm. Will you cope until we can get it seen to?”, Jimin asked quietly. She swallowed and nodded. “The bullet’s reducing the blood flow. I’ll be fine. Plus, it’s the upper arm- the muscle movements might actually push it out.” Jimin couldn’t believe how casually she was talking about this. “Oh, here.” She continued, holding out his gun to him. “I believe this is yours.” She was smiling, despite how much trouble taking the wrong gun had caused her. Jimin gave a small smile in return, and swapped his gun with her original pistol. “Van?”, she asked Yoongi. Jimin noticed he hadn’t taken his eyes off her since arriving. There was a dull thud from inside the warehouse. “Someone’s angry”, Jimin chuckled. The three of them simultaneously started moving, to get to the van before Jin realised they weren’t in the building anymore. But on the way there, they stopped. “Shit”, Yoongi muttered. Y/n gasped at the sight. There they were. The most powerful man in the gang world, grinning at them dangerously. Along with 6 or 7 other heavily armed men. Crap. “The men you want are in there” Yoongi pointed behind them towards the warehouse. “Four of them.” “I recognise your voice”, the man boomed. Jimin looked at him questioningly- he didn’t seem the least bit upset that his daughter was dead. “You’re the punk who called me. What the fuck are you doing here if you’re not with them?” “Came to get her”, Yoongi nodded in y/n’s direction. Jimin glanced at y/n and did a double take and looked down at her once more when he saw how pale she looked.  “You”, she whispered. She was addressing one of the armed men. He was shifting around,trying hard to maintain his cold demeanour, but failing.There’s something familiar about him. Y/n took a small step back in disbelief, and Jimin put his arm out to steady her. “Who is he?”, Yoongi asked her. Why the hell isn’t he doing anything to help her, Jimin mused whilst staring daggers at Yoongi. “The reason I’m here. He’s my brother”, she replied quietly. “Enough chit chat”, Minah’s dad interrupted. “He motioned for four of the men to go into the building, including y/n’s brother. “I can hear them from here. Stun them and take them in one of the vans. Tie up em.”  “Wait, arn’t you gonna kill them?, Yoongi interjected. Jimin nodded, slowly releasing y/n from his grip, to run a hand through his hair. The plan was to make sure Jin didn’t come out of that building alive. “Well the plan was to bomb the fuck out of this place, but that would be no fun now, would it?”This guy is worse than his daughter. Jesus. “You two”, the man motioned to the two remaning men. “Deal with these two”, he them motioned to Jimin and Yoongi.  “I’ll deal with her…Y/n, is it?” Y/n looked up at Jimin, terrified. “W-what?”, Jimin yelled. “We didn’t have anything to do with her death! We even tipped you off!” Minah’s dad laughed. “You think I’m stupid? You knew about her death, so you’re involved somehow.” He growled to the men, “Get them!” Jimin remembered y/n yelling, before he fell to the ground once more. Then he was experiencing that familiar feeling, the one he felt every time he was unconscious. He was drowning again.
Y/n’s POV I woke up to someone viciously elbowing me. “Ow, what the fuck?”, I groaned. I couldn’t move my hands a lot, and when I looked down, I could see why. I had been handcuffed and chained to the brick wall I was leaning on. I looked to my left to see who had been hitting me, to find Taehyung staring at me. “Oh for fuck’s sake. It’s you.”, I grumbled. “Nice to see you too, bitch”, he retorted. I rolled my eyes. There was a dull ache in my left arm, from before, but now, everything was hurting. They must have handled me pretty aggressively when I was out cold. I looked around to find everyone was trapped in this one room. Everyone was up and staring at me, so I figured I had been the last one to come round. Next to Taehyung was Hoseok, then Jin. Then in front of me was Jungkook. Next to Jungkook was Jimin, and to my left, and next to Jimin was Yoongi. “Y/n?”, my eyes looked up to meet Jimin’s.”Are you alright?” I cleared my throat in the hope that my voice would come out normally. “Yeah, don’t worry about me.” I winced as I accidentally moved my arm too harshly. “How long have we been here?” I wondered, looking around. There was nothing in the room except the seven of us facing each other. The only door was situated between Jungkook and Jimin. “Not sure.” This time it was Hoseok who spoke. “But I was the first one up- and I came around about twenty minutes ago.” I sighed, testing the handcuffs, in the hope that they’d give away. Obviously, no such luck. “So…?”, Taehyung looked at me expectantly. I turned to face him. This boy was getting on my nerves. “So what?” I snapped. He looked at me like I was stupid. “We know you were behind that van escape from earlier. Still haven’t fully figured out how you did it. So get us the hell out, Mrs Houdini.” Now it was my turn to stare. “First of all, asshole, that was because one of us wasn’t tied up. Secondly, there was a key. Thirdly, even if I do figure out how to get out, why the fuck would I help you?” Taehyung looked like he wanted to kill me. Which he probably did. “Watch yourself, girl.” I just rolled my eyes. I was ignoring Jungkook, which was hard seeing as he was sat opposite me.  Are they actually expecting me to get them out after what they did? I wondered in disbelief. The nerve of some people. I paused to look around the room once more. Yoongi, Jungkook and Jin hadn’t said a word since I woke up. I looked at Jin. He had a bruise on his cheek- he’d obviously put up a fight.  So stupid, I thought. I even warned him they were coming. He was practically asking for this. The chains were heavy, but slowly, I supported myself as I moved from my position of leaning against the wall to kneeling. I looked around, biting my lip, deep in thought.  And that’s when I felt it. The small pistol was still in my pocket. Haha! They didn’t search me? Of course- why would they bother searching a small helpless girl who didn’t know how to hold a gun let alone fire one. I usually hate people underestimating me, but now, it was actually an advantage. I laughed in glee, startling everyone in the room. I looked around, unable to hide the grin on my face. “Er…are you OK?”, Hoseok asked, clearly thinking I’d lost it. I looked at Jungkook, who had stopped looking at me and was staring at the ground. “I’m great thanks. You know, considering.” I answered, not even bothering to look at him. I was focusing on how to get the gun when both my hands were refusing to cooperate. “You have the gun, don’t you?”, Yoongi asked, finally speaking. He was smiling. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. THAT got Jungkook’s attention. “Maybe”, I giggled. “Well stop wasting time and get to work!”, Taehyung ordered. I stopped smiling and narrowed my eyes at him.”Well maybe I’d be a bit faster if your douche bag boss hadn’t shot me!” I ignored the poisonous look on his and Jin’s faces as I continued reaching for the gun. Then finally success. “Yes!” I whispered. “These locks seem pretty shitty quality, so I reckon I can shoot through them.” And sure enough… “I’m out!” I exclaimed, like everyone in the room didn’t already know. They probably heard the gun outside, I thought to myself. “Who’s next? Orange? Yoongi?” To the despair of the other four men, those are the only two names I mentioned. Yoongi nodded his head towards Jimin. “Get him out first babe.”  I nodded. Now that my hands were free, Jimin was out a lot quicker. Then Yoongi, who to my surprise, hugged me. Before I could turn to other men, who were cursing under their breaths except Jungkook who was still quiet), the door burst open. And the man who had burst in was none other than my brother. I had never seen him look so hostile. I instinctively moved to stand in front of Jimin and Yoongi. He looked around, to process what was happening, before saying “I knew I’d regret not letting them search you”, he spat, his lips curled up in disgust. THAT’S the first thing he says to me. “Where’s our uncle?”, I asked, throwing him off guard. “Dead”, he responded coldly. “Died on mission. Boss replaced him with a newbie real quick.” “Y/n…get back”, Yoongi muttered, but I shook my head. He’s my brother, he won’t shoot. But I was wrong. He lifted his gun, but I got there first, shooting him in the knee. Surprisingly, he remained standing.. “Shit!”, Hoseok shouted, clearly startled. His screaming intensified. “Shut the door!” I shouted to Jimin. Someone would hear him at this rate. I saw his pain. I saw his tears. But I had no sympathy. The handle of the pistol would be too small to knock him out, so I pushed him towards the wall. He was a lot bigger, so that was easier said than done. “Y/n!” Yoongi shouted. “We’ll deal with him, stop!” But I was too far gone. All the pain I was experiencing, it was all his fault. I was seeing red. I grabbed his gun and threw it towards Jimin- had I thrown it on the floor, one of Jin’s lot could have grabbed it. “Y/n careful!” I heard Jungkook’s voice amidst all the shouting. I needed to silence my brother, and quick. I grabbed his head, my hands either side of him, and ignoring the pain in my arm, pushed it in the direction of the brick wall behind him. He fell like a lead weight. Taehyung whistled at the sight, as I stood there, breathless, staring down at him. Staring down at what I’d done. He was still breathing, but there was a lot of blood being lost from his knee. I took off my jumper, despite it being colder here than the warehouse, and tied it tightly around his leg. I slowly turned to Jungkook. “Look like you’re four months with me were a waste of time. Could’ve done the job myself.” Jungkook was shaking his head. “No. Y/n. I’d do it all over again.” But they were just words. There was no meaning behind them.  Yoongi and Jimin looked restlessly at me. They clearly wanted to leave Jin and his members here. “Y/n”, Taehyung was addressing me, but looking down at my brother. “Taehyung I don’t have the time or patience for your bulls-” “-You should be in a gang.” I stopped mid-rant. “What?” Jin chuckled at my expression. “I’ve been thinking it since I met you.” “No”, Yoongi and Jungkook said at the same time. “She can do better. She deserves better”, Jungkook said quietly. I looked at his expression. It was one of indescribable sadness.  I looked at Jimin. “Keep hold of that”, I said, referring to my brothers gun. “I’ll leave the pistol here.” “You’re letting them escape?” Jimin asked in disbelief. I pointed to Jungkook. “He killed his girlfriend when he should have killed me.” I then pointed to Jin. “He could have shot something a lot more fatal than my arm.” Then Hoseok. “Jimin, he could have beat you to death for shooting him.” Lastly, Taehyung, who was looking at me expectantly. “And him…well he’s just an idiot, but the other three won’t just leave him there will they?” Taehyung muttered a “Fuck you”, whilst Hoseok just laughed. “Y/n, you’re too forgiving”, Yoongi muttered. He grabbed my right arm. “Let’s go.” I threw the small pistol in the middle of the room, so any of the men could reach it with their legs. I nodded, as Jimin led the way and swung the door open. Only to be met by a large figure standing in the doorway. He was smirking, surprisingly. “Drop it”, he growled to Jimin, who reluctantly complied, slowly placing the gun on the ground.Why didn’t Jimin just shoot him?  My mind went back to the small pistol I’d just thrown on the floor. I quickly glanced at where it had landed- it was gone. One of them had picked it up. But which one? I couldn’t tell. As Minah’s father stepped in, me, Yoongi and Jimin stepped back. Yoongi grasp on my arm tightened. But the man in front of wasn’t looking at Jimin or Yoongi. He was looking at me. “Interesting…very interesting. And you can’t be much younger than Minah was.” I must have looked confused.”Camera,darling”, he pointed at the light. The light had a camera in it? “I saw everything.” He looked at Yoongi. “And I heard everything.” Yoongi looked uncomfortable, as did Jimin. As did Jungkook. What’s going on?,I wondered. Minah’s father laughed. He motioned to Jungkook and Yoongi. “These two were arguing about you. Now I can see what all the fuss was about.” I looked to Jungkook who for once, was looking back at me. “You wanna leave?”, the man asked me. I nodded slowly. Obviously I wanna leave you fucktard. I can see where his daughter got her brains from. Oh, y/n, giver her a damn break, she’s dead. “OK, leave.” He moved out of my way. Yoongi’s hold on me didn’t waver, but I wasn’t stupid. “What’s the catch?” I asked bluntly. He laughed. “I like you.” Well I certainly don’t like you. “You have to shoot one of the men in this room. Shoot them dead”, he ordered, suddenly deadly serious. I blanched. “Are you included in that?”, I spat, trying to keep my cool. He laughed once more. “Shooting me is not wise darling. You’ll be dead before you know it.” I couldn’t tell whether that was a warning or a threat. He motioned for Jimin to sit where I was at before, next to Taehyung. Jimin shot him a glare, but listened. Then I watched as he grabbed the gun Jimin had placed on the floor and walked to Jungkook, shooting his locks open.  When Minah’s dad was looking at me, I saw Jungkook swiftly throw the small pistol to Jin, who hid it behind him. Ah. So Jungkook had it. He hauled Jungkook up to his feet and pushed him to stand next to Yoongi. Both men were looking at me, showing no emotion. What are they thinking? “They both reckon you belong to them”, Minah’s father explained as he walked up to me to hand me the gun. “So I thought I’d be nice and let you decide. Kill one, and I’ll let you go sweetie.” He must think I’m definitely going to kill Jungkook. Why else would he allow this? “Tick tock, Tick tock”, he chanted, circling the three of us.  Time just seemed to slow down, as I stared at Yoongi, then Jungkook, then Yoongi again, whilst holding the gun, What the hell do I do now? To Be Continued...
GAH! AHSDKGKGLHLHL This just keeps getting better and better! ;-; SHOOT MINAH'S FATHER DANGIT!!!!! D:

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What the he'll Oh MY GOD I'm glad she hasn't stayed a little bitch like in some other stories tho, like I'm happy she got her head on straight and realized she has to toughen up or she's gonna die. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AHH
@jessicaacosta90 this is killing me!!!!! But I love the change in her. It's amazing to see how she went from being meek to BA almost instantaneously.
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