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This one was kind of a rough decision becuase I grew up watching so many old anime that my mom showed me from years before I was born. However, there's just one which always make me feel good when I'm down. It's like when I watch it everything I'm feeling goes away and I'm just over taken with this nostalgic feeling.
The music, the feels, all of it is just amazing. Personally I think this is one of Miyazaki's best work.
I grew up in a place that looks just like where's she from so I can really connect with the setting. I literally have almost all of the music on my ipod and I listen to it everyday on the bus to school. The ending especially. @Invinsybll The name of this work of art would be Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Its release date was March 11, 1984. If you haven't seen this then I'd definitely check it out.
perfect! nausicaa is sooooo good.
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