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Last weekend was a big weekend for me. It was Wrestlemania and one of the first times I watched the event without family. But that's not the most spectacular Wrestlemania moment over the past weekend. In fact, my favorite moment from this weekend includes the video game version of wrestling and not actual wrestling.
WWE Superstar Xavier Woods (real name Austin Creed and also runner of the YouTube Let's Play channel UpUpDownDown) somehow took over the AT&T Stadium in Dallas to play WWE 2K16 with his pro-wrestling friends on the giant screen that hangs above the stadium.
Yep. That's something that happened and you can watch it below!
It's a pretty short video and yeah, WWE 2K16 might not be your favorite game to watch on YouTube. But at the same time, every gamer has probably wished they could play whatever their favorite video game is on a giant screen in a stadium.
I mean, I know I like to imagine what it'd be like to play a game on a huge screen like this. And I think it's awesome and I'm sort of jealous but still just awesome. If you had a job that gave you access to the biggest screen you've seen in your life, would you immediately play a system on it?
hell yeah I would! I wonder if he got permission or just did it lol. Maybe he got like a fine or somethinf. and shit if I was a highly paid wrestler I'd make a thing of it, yeah charge me 10,000 grand for taking over the stadium screen, we coming every weekend for tourneys lol
I wouldn't hesitate at all!!!!!