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How did this happen? Why was I so weak? The moment Taehyung opened the door my senses came back to me. My fight or flight instincts kicked in. Flight won out. All the adrenaline in my body pulled me up and pushed me foward. The first door I came to I quickly rushed in. Luckily for me the door had a lock. Unluckily for me it was occupied. After locking the door I turned to notice a figure standing before me. Standing there was a very toned very wet boy. A very naked boy. "Oh holy hell!" I screamed. Quickly I grabbed the towel off of the sink and tossed it at him. "Who are you?" Asked the boy holding the towel loosely over his private parts. "I'm Y/N. Now could you please cover up a little more?" I urged quietly. "Why should I? This is my house and your the one who barged in here." He stated matter of factly. "Besides, you don't even have a shirt on." I knew I felt cold. As I looked down I realized I wasn't wearing anything but a bra. Thank god I decided to wear a bra today. Somewhere along the line I guess my shirt fell off. Now here I was standing in front of a naked boy I just met. Shirtless. "Y/N!" Someone screamed while ferociously knocking on the door. "Y/N come out of there. I have your shirt. Please come out of there. It's just me I swear." It was Yoongi. I didn't know what was worse being in here with naked boy or being out there with him. Reluctantly I opened the door. "Give me my shirt." I dead panned. "No don't give it to her I kind of like the view." The naked boy said coyly. "Hey! Jimin! What are you doing in there with her? And why are you naked?" Yoongi asked frantically. " I was just coming out of the shower when your girlfriend barged in." Jimin replied. "I am not his girlfriend!" I added sharply. "Hey guys! You may want to come see this!" Jungkook announced appearing from nowhere. "But noona you need to put on a shirt first." Quickly I grabbed my shirt from Yoongi. Covering my self as Jungkook quickly ran away. Great, how many more people were going to see my chest today.
Four boys were gathered in the living room in front of the television. The nightly news was on and the weather was being reported. "There is a flood warning for our area. They said that we should all stay indoors." Jin reported. "I guess Namjoon Hyung isn't gonna be home tonight." Jungkook added solemnly. "Guess you aren't going anywhere either Y/N." Yoongi stated with a sly smile. "Alright a sleepover!" Jimin hyped. "Is it gonna be a topless sleepover?" "Not on your life." I answered quickly. Great, a sleepover. I'm in very big trouble aren't I?
What do you think will happen next? Please continue to read! Thank you for all the support!
Damn a sleepover, can I join?!! lol 馃槈
A sleepover with BTS, somebody is getting some.
I love how short these are! hahaha same reaction @jessicaacosta90 same
@MaritessSison who wouldn't want to join!
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