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How many of you just Love Romance or Harem Manga? I for one have been Fascinated with both types of these Mangas. I love Shipping multiple supporting characters with the main protagonist of the story because what is a Harem without any Competition between male or female Characters? I love that kind of stuff, but sometimes I just love a sweet love story between a Boy and a Girl. It's just so Heartwarming and sometimes rather emotional.
I find all my Romance and Harem Manga on the ZINGBOX MANGA App where there is over thousands of Romance and Harem Manga to choose from! I would Recommend this App to anyone who asks because you don't have to spend any money on the Manga you want to read! IT'S FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Now I am rather Curious to What you guys prefer the most. Comment Down Below it you Prefer Harems or Normal Romances (Can be any type I don't mind) OR Both! I'll do my best in Recommending the best Manga I come across! If you want to Recommend any Romance or Harem Manga just Let me know by Messaging me! That's All for now!! Later Guys
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got ya now I know lol
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Do love triangles count as harems
@iiSpaceDuck I don't think so. I'd define a harem themed story as one where many many people like the same one, and there's not much of an effort made by the MC to declare his feelings for just one. a love triangle is where one person is loved by one but doesn't feel the same, that person loves another, who also may or may not feel the same
or her.*