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I'm sure everyone has already heard the news, but I'm still in so much grief!! This video pretty much sums up my feelings right now. Up until recently 2ne1 was the ONLY girl group I listened to because they were just so badass and awesome!!! It was my dream to see all 4 of them on stage one day and it hurts SO much to know that it may never happen. I cried my eyes out when they surprised us at MAMA last year and I thought for sure 2016 was going to be their year!! I was looking forward to a comeback and was full of excitement for their future. This just hit a lot harder than I thought it would. Ofcourse I will continue to support all 4 of them but yeah it's definitely going to be super weird for them not to be together anymore. Gaaaah sorry if I'm spamming anyone right now I just had to let it out lol.
As a die hard black jack I cannot explain how much this hurts right now
Papa YG had them on hiatus wayyyy to long..
@MattK95 it still doesn't process in my brain!!! Ugggghhhh!!
so, so sad... 馃槩馃槶
I KNOOOW I had so many high hopes for them 馃槪馃槶 @KpopQueenaBee @VatcheeAfandi99
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