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[Tag: @Invinsybll] Heyoooo!! Iruka here again with some more Nakama Campfire! The fourth challenge is: what if your favorite older anime? (Pre-2000s) Well, I haven't seen any animes from before 2000 exceot for pokemon, but I'm not including that cuz EVERYONE has seen it anyway lmao So I went for another anime that I've heard so many good things about and am tempted to watch it soon:
I have heard soooo much praise for this anime! And after researching it and seeing it doesn't even have that many episodes, I thought "okay, I'll give it a go someday." So this may not count cuz I haven't seen it yet, but hey whatever it looks good to me!! And plus...
Shinji Ikari is literally my favorite character already, even tho I haven't seen it yet! He's so adorable and I wanna squish his wittle cheeks and give him a hug!
Also, hello new waifu!! Rei is so cute wtf! It's a shame she...oh nevermind lol what do I know Look at her!!! Look at her!!!!!! She's so cute when she blushes aahhhhh!!
And Asuka has a pretty nice body ;3 She's all skinny and really pretty! I'm full-on jealous!!
And last but not least~ Kaworu Nagisa!!! Such a cutie!! And husbando hELLO!! :0 I have fully convinced myself: I wanna watch this anime!
Thanks for reading and good night! (It's actually only 5:00 pm here for me lol)
Get in the fucking robot, Shinji and quit your bitching
oh man I always hated asuka she was just so..... well whatever kowaru x shinji was so cannon in the manga, anime, movie