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So a couple of Vinglers @Jordanhamilton and @nicolejb have written about the love guru Matthew Hussey. And I've go to admit that I religiously watch him on YouTube -- partly for the love advice, mostly for his good looks. ;)
Anyway, he has said some really great things. There was one video I watched that had me nodding. Spoiler alert: it's about sex.

Here's the video:

I think this topic is a popular one. What I have learned that there are guys who are looking for something serious, and there are guys who are looking to just have no-strings-attach fun. And whether you wait, or jump under the sheets with that person, you might not be able to change what they are ultimately looking for.
If a man is looking for something serious, and is interested in you, having sex with him earlier or later, won't really change his mind about how he feels about you, and where he wants to take things.
I've waited.
And I've slept with someone pretty early on.
And in both of those instances, I've gotten wildly different things happening.

Check out these other cards that mentions Matthew Hussey:

Do you think that Matthew Hussey is right?

I agree with @alywoah, its never a time thing! And amen @shannonl5
@alywoah @shannonl5 I prefer to wait rather than make a beeline to sex. but my respect for a woman isn't based on something so shallow.
If someone loses respect for you because you've had sex with them, that's on them, and they're not worth your time!
that actually made me feel a lot better about my situation
It's definitely okay to have a standard! I don't necessarily have a timeline like a 3 month rule, but I feel more ready when I feel emotionally connected to the person (sex is better that way for me personally). @buddyesd
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