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So if you guys Havent heard, Minzy left 2Ne1 and to be honest Im not taking it so well
I have never cried so hard in my whole entire life.I love Minzy so much and I wish her the best of luck. 2NE1 was the first girl kpop group that I have gotten into and She was my bias from the start and still is.
I really Hope all blackjacks are taking it better than I am because IM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK ㅠㅠ I really hope this doesnt mean that 2NE1 is disbanding Because if 2NE1 leaves then you guys can come to my funeral...
I will love 2Ne1 and minzy forever.I hope everyone supports minzy and the rest of 2NE1. NO MATTER WHATS HAPPENS 2NE1 WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART❤❤
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*sniffles* always keep showing my love and support