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Hmm...There are some many things I would love to say to GOT7.

But more importantly:

***TO MARK***

"Keep being you. I hope you make the best out of life. Even though you aren't my bias...I love you just as much. Take care of yourself. Plus, Eat you're really skinny."

***TO JB***

"You're a great leader. You can watch and take care of everyone with one simple look. Keep on practicing your amazing skills. Please take good care of the members as well as yourself."


"First of all, Keep being wild and sexy. Add some cuteness. I hope you take care of yourself. I want you to be healthy as everyone else. Work Hard."


"You're killing me with your pouty lips. Study and work hard but don't get stressed out. Don't listen to others. They just hating."


"First of all, May I have your voice? But seriously, Teach me. I want you to sing more in songs honestly. Keep being adorable as ever! And...Don't let others bring you down."


"Well....I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK! Puberty hit like BAM! Even though you seem more sexy and masculine now, I loved you the most during debut, You had the cute baby face. Please stop dabbing. Try not to talk about how big you are on live TV. I love you and work hard."


"You deserve more attention. I know you have a lot of fangirls/fanboys but...if I'm watching some type of GOT7 video, You usually are quiet or just laughing. But I hope that you are happy. Don't let others judge you. Listen to your hyungs, Be a cute maknae. I love you, Fighting!"

** This is the end of the challenge. I hope to be creating or tagged in other challenges**

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If i had to tell them something it would be. "Stop Ruining my Im just kidding here take my Soul Im yours forever lol"
I definitely agree with Yugyeom.
aww so sweet dongsaeng
I just wanna tell Bambam to dial it back some.....
ahh tears tears i love them
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