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A dark car pulls up to the curb in front of you, and the window rolls down. You glance inside to see Kyungil sitting at the wheel. He looks over at you,
“Get in”.
You roll your eyes and walk to the opposite end of his car, desperately wanting to see a taxi within the next thirty seconds. You hear a door open and know without looking that he’s stalking towards you.
Instead of grabbing you he simply stands directly in front of you,
“How will you ever know my problems with you if you don’t let me tell you?”
You focus away from him and back to the street.
“Ah, infamous American manners,” he scoffs.
That gets you and you round on him,
“Is that your problem? That I’m an American?”
“And if it is?”
“Well then don’t let me stop you from driving off.”
You start walking towards home, there has to be a cab somewhere right? Maybe Jak is done with her shoot and she can come get you?
This time he does grab you to stop you.
“You aren’t going to find a cab at this time of day, its rush hour. Just let me drop you off.”
You try to get your arm free,
“I can walk thank you. Not all American’s are couch potato’s; some of us actually do exercise.”
His gaze skims over you,
“That is noticeable. But it is safer for you to not be walking alone. If I remember where Jak lives you would have to pass through a not so nice neighborhood to get to her nice one.”
He turns you and begins guiding you to the side of his car. He opens the passenger door and pushes you inside,
“Why are you doing this?” You ask the minute he slides behind the wheel.
“A couple of reasons, but let’s just say that Jiyong would have my hide if anything happened to you. That would traumatize Jak and he’s more than slightly overprotective of her, if you hadn’t noticed.”
You simply nod, “Is that a bad thing?”
He shakes his head as he pulls into traffic,
“Not that I can tell. She seems to adore him and I’ve never seen him happier in a relationship.”
The rest of the ride is spent in awkward silence as your safe subject of Jak and Jiyong has been exhausted. As he nears your apartment you prepare to exit,
“You can just let me out here.” The car keeps moving.
“I will deliver you safely to your door, as any good friend would do.”
“You and I aren’t friends.”
“Ah, you decided that.”
You laugh harshly at him,
“No, I’m pretty sure you saying there are ‘pages’ of things you have against me did. Seriously, stop the car or I will have Jak tell Jiyong you rough handled me.”
He looks over at you, shakes his head and pulls the car to the curb. Before you can escape he grabs your arm again. You look over in exasperation,
“Did you want some help with the bid? Since you’ve never done anything like this before?”
“Isn’t that cheating?” You look over at him unbelieving,
“Thanks but even if I’ve never designed a ‘set’, I’ve designed hundreds of rooms. They are pretty much the same thing as far as I can tell. Besides, I believe in getting jobs on my good work and name, not because I had an inside informant.”
You pull your arm free and walk up to the apartment building, finally feeling safe from him. The lights aren’t on, so Jak isn’t home yet. A few seconds after you turn on the light; your cell phone buzzes.
UNK: You’re safely inside?
YOU: How did you get my number?
UNK: No problems?
YOU: No, now go away!
UNK: Lol, so feisty ; #1.
YOU: What?!?
UNK: On my list, you left before I could start it for you.
YOU: OML, I don’t care about your list. Goodbye Kyungil.
UNK: See you at the next meeting, if not before. Goodnight feisty.
there's sexual tension in the air. *plays sexual healing song in the background lol
this guy is frickingly brilliantly annoying.. I love it!!!
he said get in and I DK what my thought about it.. I think my stomach sunk and my heart raced at the same time. *continues reading*
Those two together are something else! lol Love their interaction!