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I love them so much, but all of them are jerks. Crazy, crazy jerks that are lovable for some strange reason. Who's some of your favorite trash anime characters??
Hisoka. He's a very pretty man. Just look at those eyes...and that hair..and those HANDS- EHEM. He's the 'anti hero' of HunterxHunter, and my gosh is he creepy. He's my favorite character and true trash (The good kind).
Midosuji He's a slinky, slimy creepy brat who caught my eye as pure 100% trash. He's downright crazy, and is in the anime Yowamushi Pedal.
Makoto So who else tries to break peoples ankles during a nice friendly game of Basketball? HE DOES. And he loves it. Such trashy trash. He's from Kuroko no Basket...aka Dragon Ball BasketBall.
Izaya Aw, yes, the super popular mind boggling pretty boy with a knife, Izaya. Who dosent love how he messes with Shiuzo? He's the main reason I started DRRR in the first place! Magic trash I tell you. Magic. He's from Durarara.
Tsukiyama TRES BEINNN!! There are hundreds of memes with this guy in a garbage can. Look it up, is hilarious. He's the fanciest ghoul out there, and obsessed with eating the main character. He's Tokyo Ghouls purple haired wonder trash.
Oikawa Straight outta Haikyuu, heres Oikawa! I love him and hate him...the hate wins. He's adorable, really he is, but I cant stand him! Such trash!
TOP TRASH. Ferid and Crowly Owari no Serph's most hated (and loved) vampires! They are the trashiest of all trash- KINGS OF TRASH KINGDOM. I cant stand them. I cant. Freaking trash, why u sparkle so much?!
Whaaaaat? he's the titan? oh my god spoiler 😭😭😭
Izaya's probably my favorite piece of anime trash. I still don't know whether I love him, hate him, or love to hate him... And then there was a whole card recently about Orochimaru, if you didn't see it