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Five minutes after you shut your apartment door your phone buzzes.
KK: Hi
YOU: Didn’t you just leave?
KK: I missed you and I’m bored
YOU: Slightly ADD?
KK: What’s that?
YOU: Never mind. It was fun today, thanks
KK: It was fun. What are you doing tomorrow?
You have to laugh at him.
YOU: I don’t know; what are we doing?
KK: Up to another café? I’ll pick you up.
YOU: Sure, is it a specific café?
KK: It’s a surprise =]
He picks you up around 2 the next afternoon and you head into Hongdae. There seem to be more tourists here; he has on his face mask and hat. He takes your hand and heads over to the ‘Cats Living Café’.
At the door he turns,
“I forgot. You like cats? You’re not like allergic or anything right?”
You laugh at the frightened look on his face and shake your head.
“No, I’m not allergic, I love cats.”
He lets out a sigh of relief,
“Good. I was going to suddenly have to figure out something else if not.”
You look at him quizzically but he just smiles and opens the door to lead you inside. There must be 15 different breeds of cats running around. There are structures for them to climb, toys to play with, feeding dishes, and yeah, some seats for the humans.
You look down as a cat comes over and rubs against your legs.
“A cat lady, I should have known.”
He reaches down to pet the cat and winks at you,
“He’s got good taste.” He leads you over to the counter,
“What looks good?”
The barista calls your order and he steps over to collect your food.
“So explain this place to me.”
“There are all kinds of café’s around here; dog cafes, sheep cafes, cat cafes, themed cafes,” he laughs a minute; “there is even a raccoon café.” You look at him like he’s crazy, he just nods, “I’m serious! I haven’t dared tried it yet, supposedly they’re in a separate room or they try to steal your food.”
“Wow, that’s gotta be great for business.”
He just shakes his head,
“I know right?”
The two of you spend the next several hours there; eating, laughing, and playing with the cats.
As you leave he turns to you,
“Do you have to head right back?”
You shake your head,
“Nope, Spring Break remember?”
“I can keep you for awhile?”
Why not be daring you think; as you look up at his adorable face.
“For as long as you want.”
He brings your hand up for a kiss and gives you a devastating smile.
“Careful, I might not return you.”
Somehow you’d be okay with that. He pulls you into a tourist shop with not just Korean items but Japanese and Chinese. He heads straight over to, yep the Hello Kitty items.
You laugh and he looks back sheepishly,
“I’m curious, just how did you become obsessed with Hello Kitty? It doesn’t seem to fit your bad boy image.”
“You think I’m a bad boy?”
“I think you want people to think you’re a bad boy. I happen to like the marshmallow filling I’ve found inside.”
To soften your words you lean up and give him a quick kiss.
He shrugs,
“I don’t know. A fan gave me something of it. At first it was just for fan service but then it just sort of stuck with me.” He looks at you for a minute,
“If I get something will you wear it?”
“Of course,” you reply wondering what he could be getting here.
“Stay right here.”
He wanders over to the other side of the display, and heads off to the counter. He’s back a minute later shoving a bag into his jacket pocket.
“All done, come on.”
He takes you over to a bench by the river and pulls out the bag.
“Turn around.”
You do as he asks and he moves your hair out of the way. He places a necklace around your neck, leaving a kiss there after he clasps it. You let you hair back down and turn back to see him putting on the other half.
You glance down at your half, it’s perfect just like him.
meow ^.^
Aww too cute!! A marshmallow filled bad boy! Now where do I find one of those?! lol
If he gave me a hello kitty necklace I would totally wear it even though I'm not a huge fan of hello kitty :) lol! Love it!
Loving this, he's so sweet and sexy. We seem to have similar biases. ❤
😍😍😍😍😍 this so cute I love it
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