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So, this is something that has grating on my nerves for some time. Not just at the office, but also when I am out at a friend's house or by random chance, I have a guest (or visiting family member) THAT INSIST ON DOING THIS ONE THING!

It's far worse than putting the toilet paper on upside down!

You can see the picture above; can you guess what my issue is?
There is nothing worse, (that I can honestly think of), than finding a filthy, grimy utensil with peanut butter residue dropped into the sink, just sitting there, waiting for someone to deal with!
Time it if you can, but my blood comes to a rolling boil INSTANTLY!
As you might have guessed, this happens frequently at the office, even today, which is why I felt compelled to write this card in protest.
Do yourselves (and the OCD people in your life), a favor. Follow my simple 1-2-3 steps for avoiding the rage.
Feel free to comment. I have a feeling @inplainsight would like to weigh in on this matter.
@InPlainSight I don't put it in cold murky water! Just if there's a mug or cup or cereal bowl full of water, I stick the knife in it to soak!
preach @turtleyturtles get these men to do it right!!!!! I have serious reservations that even the best dishwasher can clean the dishes up to my standards!
@jordanhamilton We get the Madden Brothers on Australian The Voice....I'll trade you two Maddens for one Fergie?
Whatever happened to Fergie...she got quiet these days
@jordanhamilton What you gonna do with all the gunk, all that gunk in your utensils. In.Plain.Sight.I.Am
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