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In the span of twenty four hours I started to get about fifty people who joined the weird. When I first saw this, I thought "Holy shit, we got some refugees coming in." And of course, many of you have a voice to be heard or perhaps read about. Plus, I haven't written anything in a while and I need to start covering more events, but more importantly, those who cover them and maintaining status over this collection.
Which means, as a respectful greeting to all who've joined, you guys are crazy.
Seriously though, I'm glad. I'm completely sober.
So, I figured I might do something fun and a waste of time if many of you have got nothing better to do. Since I'm avoiding modest questions of getting to know people, such as "what's your favorite so and so?" I've got some better questions to ask all of you.
1. What the hell are you doing right now (besides answering this stupid question or taking drugs in Bat Country)?
2. What got you interested in the Gonzo literary movement or writing in general?
3. If there was one thing about society you want to change, what would it be?
4. What was the most important event you've documented in your life?
5. Would you kindly tell us a funny story about yourself (gross, suggestive, strange, whatever)?
Be sure to use [GC] in your card and tag some of your friends. You don't have to answer all five, It's optional to do one or a couple, or as many as you want. And don't forget, we're looking for inspirational writers to share their bizarre, personal stories. If you got something good, tag me or @TessStevens in the card.
Tagging a few peeps of mine:
1. Right now I am chillin' on Vingle and eating giant kernels of roasted corn. 2. I've been writing ever since I was a little girl. Even before I knew the word 'author', I wanted to be a writer. I'd just call them a 'by person' aka when you read a book cover and it says 'By ____'. 3. I wish everyone was more sympathetic and looked at both sides of a situation before passing judgment. People can be so cruel. 4. Writing the eulogy for my mom's funeral probably. Both of my parents died when I was in my mid-20s (my dad when I was 24, my mom when I was 27). At my dad's funeral, I was kind of too shocked and overwhelmed to eulogize, so when my mother died a few years later, it was like getting all my thoughts and feelings and memories of BOTH of them down on paper. It was a great way to articulate my current emotions but also honor their legacies too. 5. Um, I've been trying to eat better the past few weeks, and it's been making me hella bloated. I hate it.
1. I'm trying to get myself awake haha. Been up for a while but I'm not a morning person at all. 2. I think you and @TessStevens are really what got me interested! I'd heard the term before but I hadn't seen much actual writing that I liked. 3. People have no respect for the scientific method. I feel like we'd all be a little less stupid if that changed. 4. I don't really know. Change happens so slowly, until one day months later you realize you're different. And by then you've started a new cycle of change anyway. So I don't really know if there's one important event. A lot of them seem pretty insignificant in retrospect. 5. I can sing Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' from memory and I do not get enough opportunities to do so
So pumped to answer these! 1. I'm currently plotting and planning, trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go in town and in life. California holds a lot of possibilities. 2. I am not only embedded in the Gonzo movement, I feel like it's embedded in me, unfortunately and fortunately. 3. Society? I don't know. I'd probably want to demolish it. Start over. 4. Probably college in general. I think that's a really important time because nobody really knows what they're doing. It's hard, So I think if as many people as possible consolidate their experience then maybe people will start to understand what's happening. 5. Well, I don't really have anything funny, right now, but I'm hoping that as my life progresses more and more fun will enter it. Thank you for making this tag!! I want @jordanhamilton and @buddyesd to answer these too!